• Monthly Dinner Meetup~

    4731 NC-55

    Monthly Korean dinner meetup time! This month we will meet at Inter Korea House in Durham~ Let's work on introducing yourself in 한국어 to the group. Tell us some of your hobbies, how long you've been learning Korean (and how/what tools you use) or just a fun fact about yourself! I'm going to bring some name tags for us to write on :) Some helpful phrases: 다시 만나서 반갑습니다 (da-shi man-na-so ban-gap-sseum-nida) - It's nice to see you again. 저는 "(name)"입니다 (jeo-neun "___"im-nida) - I am "(name)". 30살이에요 (seo-lreun salr-ie-yo) - I am 30 years old. 회사원입니다 (hwe-sa-won-im-nida) - I am an office worker. 학생입니다 (hak-saeng-im-nida) - I am a student. ***Also please make sure to keep your RSVP status up to date*** 감사합니다~

  • HelloTalk Night

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    Let's learn useful Korean expressions with only a few basic words! This class helps you get used to the core language structure of Korean, such as verbs and basic sentences. Our meeting is open to anyone who is willing to learn and practice Korean expressions. If you want to improve your Korean language speaking skills, come out and enjoy the new class!

  • Spring Korean Food Bazaar

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    Spring Korean Food Bazaar ^^ One stop BAZAAR, where you can find variety of great authentic Korean food, clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, etc.... - You can also purchase Korean food like Kimchi, Kimbob, Tthukbokki, Chicken, Korean barbecue, Bulgogi, Korean pancake...) SPECIAL: There will be a Car Wash. Please visit with your family & friends!!

  • Talking Club

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    Welcome to the Triangle Korean Language and Culture’s ‘Talking Club’ meetup~! This is your chance to practice speaking Korean and put all your hard studying to good use! For this meetup we will provide a discussion topic (for example: ordering at a restaurant, sharing your hobbies, asking directions, etc.). We will then learn 15 effective & useful phrases relating to the topic and practice them together as a group. Then its time to try and use those phrases to carry on a conversation with a partner entirely in Korean. Remember speaking is a key part in learning Korean! 화이팅! **You must be able to read 한글 and know some basic grammar rules for this meetup

  • Let's Play and Study!

    2815 Brentwood Rd