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Korean Grammar Night


Grammar Night

Join us this Friday for our Korean language Meetup-Grammar Night.

All levels are very welcome as long as you can read & write Korean alphabets and have good understanding of basic Korean language, especially verb conjugations and tenses- HMM...Verb Night sounds like a good idea to attend!!! (^-^)/

This will be a great opportunity for you to learn and expand your grammatical knowledge of Korean language. Conversation practice will also be done during this Meetup based on the acquired grammatical elements. Materials are uploaded (under 'More' -> 'Files') and members are required to print them out.

You will also meet new people who are interested not only in Korean language but also in K-drama, movies, K-pop, Korean food and more. Please RSVP if you are coming!

This month, we will be learning:

1. Look + adjectives (You look nice / It looks clean etc.)

2. Formal level of speech

Don't forget to print out the materials & bring writing supplies!

See you on Friday!