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What we’re about

POLYAMORY: Having multiple honest, loving, intimate relationships with the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved. This group is for LOCAL polyamorists of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and/or relationship statuses; who live in the Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill ("Triangle") metro region!
Polyamory means "Many Loves". Many people have both the capacity & the need to love more than one partner, and be able to sustain loving relationships with more than one.  Polyamory & Ethical Non-monogamy are based on the understanding that love is infinite. Open, honest communication between partners is the key to successful loving polyamorous relationships.
We are interested in building a safe community here in the Triangle, having many fun social events all over the region---bringing together NC Polyamorists from Wake, Durham, Orange, Chatham, Johnston & surrounding Counties!  We're a community of welcoming people who accept each other and provide a safe space to be openly polyamorous and/or nonmonogamous.  This is why when joining, we require prospective members to please completely answer a brief questionnaire to ensure they are serious about getting acquainted with the poly community and learning about polyamory---but are not using the group for "hooking up", nor as a "Personals Site", or other inappropriate reasons!  (Don't worry--our membership rolls & member profiles can NOT be seen by people outside our group.)

**Note:  This meetup is for Local people who are Polyamorous. Those who actually identify as Polyamorous but with no prior personal experience yet in Polyamory & Ethical Non-monogamy, and sincerely want to expand their horizons & learn more about these options, may apply to join. *HOWEVER: we require that you have at least first made the effort to research the subject and become at least somewhat knowledgeable & educated about the Basic Concepts of Polyamory, and have a complete respect towards these (and other) alternative lifestyles before joining. (If you have questions, just ask!)  We have posted on our pages some great Links & Resources to learn more---please take some time and get acquainted with this vital info before applying to join!

**Before applying to join: Please explore, read, & study our pages of Poly Resources and other Important Info here:
After reading them, if you are indeed interested in being an Active participant in our Polyamory Community, and joining us for our events, we'd love to have you join us and come to some meetups!
--->>  * FIRST: Just be sure to review & study all our Rules and Policies prior to joining. **These can be found here:  **
By joining our meetup group, you agree to follow and abide by all these polices and expectations.  If so, then we enthusiastically welcome you to be a part of our friendly community! 
Also remember we ask $10 per member per year for group dues to help pay our costs. Please pay within a week of joining.

--->**When joining the group, will provide you with a brief Questionnaire. Please answer ALL these questions thoroughly AND carefully!  (Especially the question regarding your knowledge about polyamory!And please include a clearly-seen Face profile pic.  We use this to make sure everyone is serious about joining the community for the right reasons, and that they have at least a basic idea of what Polyamory is about. (And please keep it "PG-Rated"!)
**Incomplete, partial, or inappropriate profiles will NOT be approved !! Please answer all questions thoroughly! **

Thanks so much for joining our fun growing family, and we look forward to seeing you at many of our events very soon!

*P.S.-- After joining, please go back to check your Profile for accuracy! Especially your location & contact email address. Sometimes data is saved incorrectly due to some bugs. Thanks!
Please Note: This group is for the Raleigh/Durham Metro Area of North Carolina.  Our meetups are held in Wake, Durham & Orange Counties predominately. Folks living in surrounding regions but have readily-available transportation into the RDU area, are free to join us. But please understand we mostly choose meetup locations Triangle core. For all other NC area poly groups, check out the bottom half of this link: Resources , and the new NC Polyamory page on Facebook (NCpoly).  Join the group closest to you, today!  Thank you!
Disclaimer 1: By joining you agree that you are NOT a member of the media, press, or government looking to gain contacts to our group without the permission of our leadership or members for any story, interview, undercover investigations, or other negative implications towards this group, its members, or leadership.
**DISCLAIMER 2: Meetups are Informal groups of adults who are responsible for their own safety and well-being at all events, and when communicating with members outside of our events. We are NOT a "formal" nonprofit organization, but instead a loosely-tied group of people with a common interest and cause. All members joining our group acknowledge that this group and its Volunteer organizers & event hosts are NOT responsible for the behavior, past or present or future, of any members, outside of our events. When making new friends or acquaintances at our meetups, please take all precautions that you would if meeting a complete stranger at your favorite cafe, bar, or so forth. While we may indeed take action against members who break our rules while at our meetups, (or abuse our website & email tools), we can NOT be expected to watch over the behavior of members Outside of our actual events. Thank you for your understanding!
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