What we're about

Calling all small business owners! I’m excited to introduce a marketing platform that makes online marketing easy, affordable and influential.

There’s a new marketing media platform (G>MartAds) built on an algorithm based on business network optimization (market segmentation). Ultimately making online marketing more efficient creating a streamline of referrals through connections.

Our aim is for our members to succeed regardless to how crowded your marketplace is. We’ll teach you, “How To Build A Connected Economy Using Tribal Marketing". We will be closing this group permanently after 80 active members.”

We meet every Saturday morning for coffee. Space is limited to only 8 members per outing!”

Come and learn how useful tribal marketing can help you build a connected economy and G>MartAds algorithm will do the rest! Want more information: www.gmartads.com

- To join this group you will have to Register for a free G>MartAds account here at http://gmartads.com/nexus/register . The only business directory built on a social media platform.

- As members you’ll have your own video ad profile and connect with other local businesses to digitally promote Tribal Deals as a collective.

(Tribal Deals: think of a reverse Groupon, exclusive deals you and your business connections offer to your customer base).

- G>MartAds mobile app, TADuS strategically converts your customer base into social media influencers. We will show you how.

- Tribal Marketing Group gives you exclusive access to the only platform powerful enough to revolutionize online marketing as we know it!

Us marketing with togetherness is greater than anyone of us marketing alone.

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