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Welcome to the Tri-Cities Social Circle. A definition of recreation is “an activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.” TCSC is a social, adventure and activities club that has a principle belief that when doing things with good people, just about anything can be fun. Our goal is to be the most active social and activities group in the area.... a club consisting of men and women who enjoy attending a variety of activities and events in order to create lasting friendships. We are a group of folks who like turning off the TV and getting out of the house to do things. Our members are both single and married, new to the area and “lifers” (and those in the middle), and both young and young-at-heart.

Much of what we do as a club will be determined by the members. We’ll hike, bike, listen to live music, have dinners out, take walks through parks, go bowling, play putt putt, go on dog walks, happy hour, wine & beer tastings, go to the movies, attend festivals, road trips, visit museums and anything else we can think of. This club is going to be active and my hope is that we'll help and encourage you to try new things..

OK, here’s a few things TCSC is not:

1.) A "clique" or "good ol' boy" club. We like to make sure that if any member attends any event that they don't feel like the outsider looking in. While its natural that members will get to know others and build friendships by attending events, this group is not exclusive for just a few, everyone is part of the group. It is our goal to make everyone feel welcomed at events so they can have an enjoyable experience and want to attend another event.

2.) We’re not a single’s club. While admittedly most Meetup members are not married, this is NOT a club to hunt for dates. Relationships happen, and that’s great if you meet someone through TCSRC. But guys and gals are coming to our events to have a great time and not be “targets”. Its a time to relax and have fun not chase down women or men. If you’re thinking about joining this group or coming to a particular event primarily to find dates, please don’t join or just skip that event. There are plenty of other groups for that.

3.) A group for you to impress: If you bring an oversized ego, or if you delight in a “look at me” attitude, you'll want to go somewhere else. Pretentious people simply need not apply here...

4.) A business development / network marketing group: No sales pitches allowed. Don't try handing out literature... you have other avenues for this. We're a social and activities club.

So if you’d like to be a part of something new, meet others in the area, and most importantly have a good time please take the first step of posting a picture of yourself and request to join our group, you won't regret it.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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