What we're about

This Meet up will be for those individuals who are ready to embrace their multi-dimensional self or at least want to understand and/or explore the concept of being multi-dimensional. (Key word here is "Being").

We are all going through an unprecedented time here on planet earth known to the collective consciousness as Ascension. This means we are now ready to vibrate at a higher frequency/vibration from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension. Also, known as unity consciousness or Christ consciousness.

In more practical terms we can describe this transition as the next step in our evolution as human beings and as a planet.

This is especially for those of you that have always known that you came here on this planet to do something significant for the greater good but you did not know exactly what that was or looked like.

This meeting is open for all of course. However, an open heart and mind along with the curiosity of a child is important as we will dive deep into the sacred mysteries, yet simultaneously we will be holding a light heart so we may indulged in some good " o" fun :).

I've been studying and experiencing the Ascension process in depth for the last 8-9 months and been getting a wide range of perspectives from multiple sources and now is time to collaborate with other like minded souls. (You) 😉

Fellow teachers and light workers lets embark on this journey together and create our New Earth, an enlightened society the one that has been predicted by ancient cultures as The Golden Age or The Age of Aquarius which began approximately in 2012.

You see this our destiny , let’s choose to actively participate in this amazing, beautiful time!

With Courage, Love and Peace


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