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What we’re about


I need an organic process of spiritual awakening, attuned to my needs, personality, and rhythms.

I am weary of splitting myself into parts, hiding behind masks, and trying to fix myself.

I previously experienced a shift that felt like awakening, but I now feel somewhat stagnant and dry.

I'm confused about awakening; what does it even mean? 

I crave good company on the path to deepen and grow.

I have experienced burnout, isolation, loneliness, and despair.

I long for authentic human connection in a trustable spiritual container.

I yearn to be seen, heard, and welcomed into whole-being realization.

I value, need, and can offer compassionate presence and empathy.

I want to shine as a blessing!


Explorers, weary wanderers, seekers, skeptics, therapists, teachers, coaches, spiritual practitioners, meditators, caregivers, healers, and YOU, if you resonate with what you encounter here!

You might have an extensive spiritual background in Trillium Awakening™, Waking Down in Mutuality®, or countless other paths, both venerable and recent. Or you might have little or no history in such explorations. Regardless, something here can quicken your life journey. We light the path for one another. 

We welcome you to check out our events and see if we're a fit. 

This group is definitely not a cult. We serve as companions and fellow travelers.


A teaching, a path, and a community

An organic transmission of transformation seeded in a compassionate culture of spiritual awakening

The trillium is a wildflower whose three petals emerge simultaneously. They reflect the three co-arising dimensions of the Trillium Awakening path:

• Consciousness (our shared infinite nature)

• Embodiment (our unique personal experience)

• Mutuality (our commitment to relate with respect and self-awareness)

We recognize one another as unfathomable mysteries, not as problems to be solved, or egos to be erased. 

Through deep acceptance, we awaken to a felt sense of being a living paradox — both finite and infinite, both human and divine.

Our work originated in Waking Down in Mutuality®, a mystery school founded in 1992 by Saniel Bonder, who aspired to "democratize" awakening. Over time, that original gathering developed into a collective of student-focused teachers and mentors in North America and Europe, and a worldwide community of practitioners. 

In 2014, Saniel and his teaching partner, Linda Groves-Bonder, decided to focus their work through the Human Sun Institute, while teachers in this community chose to sustain the unique experiment we had been living for decades as a strong circle of teachers practicing mutuality.

In 2015, we began using the name Trillium to signify the embodied awakening work we offer, and in 2016, we became the Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle.

Trillium Awakening teachers abide by a code of ethics. We aspire to walk our talk, seek feedback, and remain accountable. We do not hold ourselves aloof. We support those drawn to carry the spirit of this work in their bodies and hearts — either explicitly, by becoming certified teachers and mentors, or implicitly, by revitalizing their existing paths, relations, and roles in life. 

Our work has proven to be a potent awakening force for hundreds of ordinary people. 


Come share your Heart, rest in Being, and connect with others in a very nurturing setting with unprecedented focus on each participant.

Experience awakened transmission through meditation, gazing, deep listening, and empathic interaction that clarifies and quickens your spiritual journey. 

Explore a key aspect of Trillium Awakening through discussion and embodied practice.

Participate to the degree that feels natural; you are in the best position to assess your needs.

Receive extended personal attention to explore your unique process in a compassionate, unforced manner. Our events feature both a teacher and a mentor, and are limited to a maximum of four (4) participants — who each receive 20 to 30 minutes of exclusive focus. Such attuned engagement can facilitate profound trust and relaxation that steadies the soul. As you practice naturally settling into your experience with this kind of support, you'll likely begin to notice a persistent, innate sense of wellness rising amidst the impermanence and conflicts of life.  

Enduring transformative magic is crystallized at our events. The effect is not temporary, or limited to what happens in person. It continues to work its way organically through our everyday experience. 

With skilled support, we find ourselves naturally shifting over time: we awaken to consciousness, embody our emotional and physical experience, and relate in compassionate mutuality.

Join us. Give yourself the chance to steep in sacred space, dedicated to the deepening recognition of all that you are — and all that we are together — in this incubator for individual and social evolution.

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DEBORAH BOYAR, PhD, a teacher of Trillium Awakening (formerly Waking Down in Mutuality) since 2001. For a sense of my background and approach, see:

To connect in real time before coming to an event, you're welcome to book a complimentary Introductory Consultation:

MARCIA HINCE, MSW, a mentor of Trillium Awakening since 2016. To learn more about Marcia, see: 

To better understand the roles of teachers and mentors in our work,  see and


Attend a free online introduction: 

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