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We're created for relationships and growing in righteousness together. We need each other for help, support and guidance and also for accountability. At many times we find we need spiritual counsel and prayer.

Christian Ministry and Discipleship (CMD) Bible Study is a Christian group that aims to provide a strong and loving community in which we can grow to be more like Jesus and live increasingly selfless and sacrificial lives. Our desire is to reach out to those around us in everyday life who are in need - whether physical or spiritual.

Meetings are conversational but discussions are structured and they are open for everyone.. whether you personally trust in Jesus as your Saviour or not. You'll be warmly welcomed whether you identify as an atheist, an agnostic, Hindu, Muslim or New Age etc. Your opinions are most welcome.

This is a fortnightly group for anyone interested in hearing what God has to say in his Word (the bible) on various topics including

*Knowing and sharing his joy and peace

*Understanding purpose and meaning in suffering,

*Hearing God's calling in your life,

*How to make disciples; how we're instructed to share his good news. All people at any level of bible knowledge are welcome.

I started this new group to offer God-enthusiasts a setting in which to grow in their faith (in addition to their church and church study groups). We're looking forward to exploring the amazing depth of riches of God's word as we study different topics and learn how to practically incorporate what we find.

As this is a new group so please get in touch for details so we can get an idea of numbers.

CMD Bible Talk meetings will be held every other Monday evening in Tring.

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