Canceled Meetup

Continuing Education - Learn how to make money like the banks


With the foreclosure crisis going on, you would think the biggest losers in the industry are the banks and you right. Today banks are hurting so bad, they are not only sell real estate foreclosures but they are selling mortgage notes at steep discounts.

Join us to learn how seasoned veterans buy, manage and sell these versatile assets.

Along with the above, you will learn:
- What is a mortgage note and why banks are selling them off?
- Why mortgage notes beat other cash flow investments?
- How mortgage notes perform at 8% to 40% ROI!
- Where to get your very first note in the next 30 days
- Whether you should invest with a fund or buy individual notes
- and so much more!

Seating is limited to only 30 people, so make sure you claim your seat now!