Audio ML, simulations and CO2 storage | TDC Community Week

Trondheim Machine Learning Meetup
Trondheim Machine Learning Meetup
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Two speakers this time! Webstep will lend us their centrally located office for the meetup, and they will provide free drinks and food. This event is a part of the TDC Community Week.

Iver Jordal (from Nomono, the hottest microphone company in Trondheim) will be presenting how machine learning can be applied to audio. He will also demonstrate some of his open source code that can transform audio (AKA data augmentation) in ways that help machines learn audio better. Expect audio examples and Python code on the big screen.

Susan Anyosa (from NTNU, Department of Mathematical Sciences) will be presenting some of her research on monitoring of underwater areas, CO2 injections, leaks and how simulations and statistics can be harnessed to improve CO2 storage technology. She will also talk about another application: Marine habitat mapping. If you like seismic data, this talk should be right up your alley.

16:45 - Doors open. Social chit-chat, burritos and cold drinks.
17:15 - Presentation on audio ML and data augmentation
17:50 - Q&A, break
17:57 - Quick pitch about a Huawei developer program
18:00 - Presentation on monitoring of underwater areas
18:30 - Q&A
18:45 - Doors close

Intended audience: Programmers, machine learning enthusiasts, audio geeks, statistics nerds, marine biology specialists, burrito lovers and other members of the human race

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