What we're about

Free self-defense lessons for all skill levels and inter-disciplinary martial arts practice for all interested persons. Learn something, teach something.

Lessons start with the legalities of self-defense and use-of-force in Canada and progress from there.

Feel free to participate in what you feel comfortable with and sit out what you don't. This is a supportive group, and all skill levels and abilities are welcome.

If you're experienced in martial arts or law enforcement and are interested in sharing knowledge with folks, let me know. My hope would be to eventually have other folks lead sessions on days I'm not available and pass on these skills.

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Wednesday Night Self Defense

Needs a location

Weather dependent

Restarting again for Summer - Fall 2022.

Some important updates:

  2. BRING A FRIEND - I will be the main sparring partner for anyone who is not paired up with someone they brought with them. For safety and hygiene reasons, I will not ask people who don't know each other to practice together. If you are willing to practice with someone you don't know, please explicitly state so in the comments. If no one else consents, you will pair with me anyways and I will rotate through attendees. If you bring a friend or family member or someone in your "bubble", you will be paired off with them for practice and you will likely get more practice time. I have limited the amount of attendees to 8 for this reason.
  3. THERE IS NO COST AND WE ARE AS LOW BARRIER AS POSSIBLE. The point of this group is both to offer free/community practice space for experienced martial artists to stay in shape and learn/teach new skills and to give access to people who might not be able to afford or may not feel comfortable in a traditional martial arts training space. If you want to explore a specific self-defense problem and how to solve it, we are open to building lessons around that. Whether you have lots of experience, no experience at all or just want to watch and learn, that is all ok. While I cannot pretend I know how to accommodate everything right off the bat, I will try and do my best and invite anyone with questions to reach out.
  4. CONSENT AND SUPPORT ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE. Any bullying, derisive or derogatory language will result in a removal from the session. Participants are expected to obtain consent before touching anyone else and any failure to do so or failure to heed withdrawn consent can result in removal from the session and/or involvement of law enforcement if necessary.

I will keep everyone as informed as possible on what I plan to do during any drills or exercises that involve bodily contact.


This week's lesson: Verbal defense, practical threat assessment and de-escalation.

Equipment will be provided.

Wear comfy exercise clothing.

Observers are welcome, you do not actually have to participate if you don't feel comfortable doing so.

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Wednesday Night Self Defense

Needs a location

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