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This group is dedicated to those who want to create passive income. Give an unfair advantage and learn "what the rich teach their children that the poor and the middle class do not". If you have read best selling author Robert Kiyosaki book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" or have an interest in business or the stock market, you will love the Cash Flow board game. The New York Times calls the Cash Flow board game "Monopoly on steroids"; and the game is great for all experience levels. If you are new to the idea of passive income, this is a awesome place to learn and start creating additional income. If you are already out of the rat race this group is a nice way to meet with like minded people and expand your network. We usually have a beginners table and a advanced table, so you will fit in regardless of your knowledge of business. Don't let the fact that it is a board game fool you. The lessons are very real and apply to real life. So regardless of why you want passive income; time freedom, quitting your job, making more money, this group is the place to learn about passive income with zero risk. The game is free to play and usually takes three hours from start to finish.

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2020 Financial Vision Board Party

3221 W Big Beaver Rd

Coffee Talk for Business Owners

Gran Castor

Coffee Talk for Business

Gran Castor

Future Millionaires meetup to play Cash Flow board game

Shield's Restaurant Bar Pizzeria

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