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This group is for any and all polyfolk and allies, you don't have to live in Troy. There will one discussion meetup and one activity meetup per month, and we can plan more if there is interest. If you have a discussion or activity suggestion, send a message. See you there!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TroyPolyCommunity/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1805665106388424/)

This group is affiliated with AlbanyOPEN and has adopted their code of conduct below ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlbanyOPEN/ )

AlbanyOPEN Code of Conduct

This group was created to provide education about polyamory, to create friendships and connections with like-minded people, and to host/sponsor events that are polyamory friendly and/or polyamory related. All members of this group will be held to the following Code of Conduct. Anyone found in violation of this code of conduct may be removed from the group and will no longer be welcome at group hosted events.

RESPECT - Be respectful in your interactions with others, both on the FB group and in person at sponsored events. Follow the Golden Rule by treating others the way you’d like to be treated. We understand that some may have differing opinions and we expect all parties to remain respectful in discussing these opinions. Rudeness and name calling will not be tolerated.

CONTACT - You may contact Admins or Moderators with questions, concerns, or ideas about the group at any time, they may contact you about group matters. You may only contact other members of the group or those you have met at events under the following conditions

• They have verbally given you permission to contact them online.

• They have given you written permission to contact them online (as in by a comment left on a post or in a thread we make for this purpose)

Outside of the above circumstances you may send someone a single invitation to chat if the following requirements are met

• The invitation to chat is polite

• The message only lets them you you would like to chat (you may also include where you have met the person)-You are ok with your invitation to chat being declined or not responded to.

• You do not contact someone online again after they have either declined your invitation to chat or they have not responded to your invitation to chat.

PHYSICAL CONTACT - Consent must be given for any form of physical contact. Please note, unless you have an existing agreement with someone that previous consent to hug, etc. does not necessarily give you blanket permission for further and continued physical contact.

WHO MAY ATTEND/JOIN - AlbanyOPEN sponsored events and the AlbanyOPEN Facebook group are open to all regardless of gender identity, kink identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, and relationship status. This includes those who identify as monogamous, and may simply want to learn about polyamory or are curious about polyamory.

PHOTO/VIDEO - Photography or videos are only allowed with permission of all parties involved. If an event is hosted at a private residence the host assumes the right to ban all photography and or videos.

PRIVACY - Not all who are polyamorous are ‘out’ to their friends, families, coworkers, etc. Do not, under any circumstances out someone as polyamorous.

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