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This Meetup is for people who is in Trucking and Transportation industry.
The Goal for this group is to gather like minded professionals, discuss industry trends and challenges and develop Master-Mind on how we, as a community, can help each other to overcome any difficult situations we may face right now and grow.

Every event will start as social networking so you can meet with each other. Then we will do a workshop where you will work as a group to share what is your #1 challenge right now and others will give you their advise from their own experience on how to overcome this challenge and move forward.
This is a collaboration Era, we're stronger when United. Let's gather, improve each other and grow as person and as business.

The Ultimate Goal is to gather people who want more out of their life. We want not only socialize and network, but gather to travel together, visit interesting places, do something outstanding, climb a mountain or explore a cave. Business is not only about Money, it's about lifestyle and experience.

Let's begin experience Outstanding!

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