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Do you want to begin living your very best Life - the life you Love? Or are you a coach wanting to improve your skills and learn the most effective coaching tools for your clients? Coach or not - If you answered yes to either of these questions then Clarence Caldwell's True Life Academy is the meet up for you. Whether it is personal or business, coaching is the most effective way for individuals and organizations to build and achieve their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives. Join me in focusing on the complete person. This includes our Physical, our Mental, our Emotional and our Spiritual self. Caring for these parts of ‘who we are’ gives us leverage in building and achieving our desires related to our Health, our Wealth, our Relationships and our Talents. There are many things that keep us from being our best self or achieving our goals and dreams. There is often a lack of confidence, or procrastination or different types of fear that get in the way keeping us from going for it and realizing our dreams. The best players in the world need a good coach. Without one they tend to struggle - ever reaching to achieve what they know should come much easier. Learn to unlock the gifts you have and activate the Genius mind within you. You'll be surprised but pleased and amazed how easy it is to transform from just living a life - to living a life you love. Tackling real issues such as, family drama, money problems, divorce and break ups, depression, and so on. Without the right guidance and skill it is very difficult to get through some of these challenges. What you will learn will stay with you a lifetime. You will also be able to help other people in your life that may also be struggling with these issues. We will learn together we will grow together and we will make a difference !

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