What we're about

Happy People are Truly Wealthy People. Truly Wealthy People are Community-Centered.

True Wealth Commons is an agency for happy people

pursuing joy-filled, life-enhancing activities.

We welcome you if you are a community-minded...

entrepreneur, small business owner, out-of-the-white-coat health and wellness practitioner, responsible earth-dweller organic gardener, nature buff, ecstatic lover of our clean, green, vibrant great planet earth, spiritually-conscious, mom, dad, sister, brother---well, you get the idea.

We like people; we feel good; and we like activities that help us feel the juiciness of our good life. Our modern society benefits by having good people like us around.

Signing up for our Meet-up announcements is FREE.

TWC, our agency, is member-fee-based. HOWEVER, most all of our events are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so please FEEL FREE to sign up of our meet-ups!

We invite happy people to become members of TWC. Membership has privilege. More about those details only if you are interested.

There is nothing hidden or trap-door about us. We are real people with an extreme interest in being as authentically honest and clean-green living as possible. Our desire is to grow our community infrastructure and facilities. Our fees help us to move forward with our plans.

Consider being a co-sponsor at one of our events. Come on now; give it a go; we love your creative self-expression--doing what you do. What a great way for an entrepreneur or small business owner to support our community and to business network!

Are you a vendor? Create an event showing your product and give us a call. We listen. Our love is collaborating and sharing our space with others.


Sign up right now for our Meet-Up Announcements! Next, look over our many upcoming events (...with many more to come!). Then, RVSP 'Yes' at least one of our lovely gatherings and attend soon!

You will enjoy being "in tune" with "our commune"!

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