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This is about health, success, peace, living a good life. About real relations that are there for one another in hard times too. Depression, defeats, being negative? No one to talk to? No problem. We have it all covered. So you see, this is more than socializing. Socializing is just a part of it, a small part. The main part is for the welfare of the individual. It's not a dating group so guys and gals with the intention of dating would be disappointed. There will be one group for males and another for females. They won't be mixed up. That means, if you are a male, you won't get to know the females here and vice versa. So if you are genuinely interested in making some real friends in life, I welcome you. Also, follow the instructions seriously of joining the group. You gotta email me with all the answers. Don't miss any.

Ungrateful, selfish, over smart people, egoistic, arrogant, those kinds.. ain't welcome. Humble and mature people is what I'm looking for. And members who have been here for long but start acting wrong - I would have to unmatch. Doesn't matter how long someone's been a part of. This is for moral of the group and other members safety. The moral of the group is simple. It's beyond socializing. It's about care, always.

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