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"True Love (真愛.樂聚)" [previous name: True Love 28~48 (真愛.樂聚)] is specially setting up for those who are single, busy in work and forget your social life and future life with partners. Hence, we provide various activities to increase your meeting chance, upgrade yourselves, show you to others and seek him/her out. Through our dedicated events, you can feel free, relax and natural to look for your Miss/ Mr Right!!!

『True Love (真愛.樂聚)』[前名:True Love 28~48 (真愛.樂聚)] 成立2年有多啦!我哋提供咗超過150個各式各樣的活動畀大家,連結咗不少朋友。活動有輕鬆多元化的、有刻意聯繫營造的,為你哋自我增值改善、個性地發揮表現、被安排下配搭嘗試。無論活躍派還是腼腆型,都能從中互相相處、溝通、認識。靚仔靚女,快啲來參加活動,捉緊找到遇到你真愛的機會吧!


https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/c/8/e/8/600_464451432.jpeg https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/c/8/e/e/600_464451438.jpeg https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/c/8/f/3/600_464451443.jpeg https://secure.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/c/8/f/b/600_464451451.jpeg

Causal Game: Bowling, Movie watch, Snooker, Music concert, Karaoke ......
Indoor Party: Board-game, Cooking party, Bubble football, Archery tag, Room escape, Laser hunting ......
Healthy exercise: Hiking, Playing badminton, Cycling, Fitness, Kungfu......
Outdoor Adventure: District tour, Indoor camp, Treasure hunt, Nature park, Wild festival ......
Self-Empowerment Workshop: Cooking class, Arts workshop, Language exchange, Property sharing, Make-up tutorial, Leadership game, Museum visit,......
Share food: Fine dining, Restaurant meals, Street food, BBQ, Vegetarian, Food Expo, ......


請注意,組員/參與者均閱讀及明白和同意下列要點才參加本組活動。 [Participants have read and understand and agree the following points before joining in anyone of our activities in our group.]

1* There are 3 main organisers (Apple, Isa, Mandy) and 3 Event organisers (Andrew, Edwin, Tony) in our group up till now. Please recognise who is/are the host/hosts, and do contact to the suitable one if necessary. [目前為止,我哋有3位主搞手 (Apple, Isa, Mandy)及3位副助搞手(Andrew, Edwin, Tony),如果對參加的活動有所查詢,請認清那一/幾位是負責人。]

2* Clicking “join” activities is counted as join. Even messaging us about your wish to join is not valid. We will follow the first-come-first-serve system in the list to let people participate except special arrangement with remarks. People in waiting list will be filled up to the participating list and can join finally when someone turns to RSVP NO in Going list. [我哋的活動不設私信留位,務必以報名參加名單(Going)作準及在候補名單(Waiting)逐一補上,除特別註明外。如在活動一刻也是waiting,就代表不能參加,座位數量有限,我哋期望下次見到你。]

3* Contact number &/or deposit is required for some activities, please follow instructions and do it asap. Under no circumstance, deposit is not refundable or transferred, unless is the cancellation of activity or by our group. [因應活動性質,有些活動可能要先留聯絡方法及/或入帳,請跟隨指示進行。過帳後如不參加,帳項不可退回或轉讓,除非是因活動取消或本組取消你參與情況。]

4* There are 2 formats in meeting people in our services. One is “causal for activity and people”, another one is “special for matching and sparkling”, If you see the post with “👫 (https://www.meetup.com/True_Love/events/243243685/)”(an icon with 1 man1lady), this is event with our heart for pairing. Your involvement will let you enjoy the event and meeting your Mr/Miss Right. [我哋有兩類交友/安排形式,第一是隨和認識或自我裝備,另一是較為男女組合或配搭。如活動標題有 “👫 (https://www.meetup.com/True_Love/events/243243685/)”(1男1女)圖案,那就是我哋精心為大家編配,請投入組內參與,互相認識。]

5* To provide better services and let you have ideal meeting, 6 answers on the personal details in our True Love page are required to be filled in. For event with "👫 (https://www.meetup.com/True_Love/events/243243685/)"(an icon with 1 man1lady), if without any details, your application even RSVP Yes may not be considered. Another member will replace your seat. [為使增加本組為大家提供更合適活動及配對, 如果想參加有 “👫 (https://www.meetup.com/True_Love/events/243243685/)”(1男1女)圖案標題的活動,務必填上個人資料頁那6項資料. (在True Love版面->按Member名單->search自己名->再按自己頭象->見到4個數字,6條問題->填上即可. 關於年齡組別的一條問題,請依入組日首天計算.)。如沒有個人資料者,本組有權不會考慮你的報名,你的位置會給另些參與者替上。]

6* RSVP should be amended to the correct status in Yes or No if changed. When you cannot attend the activity at last, please change RSVP from Yes to Not Going, leave the seat to the waiting one. Otherwise, we will remark you as No Show if without notification in half a day before the activity. When there are 3 No Show, we have the right to ban you out from our groups. [大家必須適時更改RSVP。出席是Yes,不出席改No。若入選參加者/中籤者報名後不能參加,請將RSVP由Yes(參與)改為Not Going(不參與),騰出位置;否則不出席者當作No Show(缺席)。凡超過3次No Show者,本組有權將該組員移離本組。]

7* Details of the activity is suggested to be read before the event, esp (assembly) date and time. Please do not be late as to consider the other members. Meanwhile, if you arrive early, please be calm to wait till the assembly time and do not need to call the host immediately. [大家參加活動前,請先花些少時間看清楚內容,尤其是活動日期及時間,盡量避免遲到。若有集合時間,早到者不見負責人時,不用急,我哋會在集合時間內抵達。]

8* To keep everyone's privacy, we will not disclose any information of others such as telephone number and address without member’s approval, … But you are not restricted to ask these by yourself during event. [為保障各組員的私隱,凡想查詢其他參加者個人資料如電話、住址等,我哋一律不回答,請大家在活動中/完結後向對方查詢。]

9* Photos will be taken during activity for record and promotion for our groups. We will blur/ pixelize member’s face. [我哋會在活動期間影相,以作記錄和本會宣傳用途。如是“”(1男1女)圖案的活動,我哋會將朦化/馬賽克人物頭像。]

10* All activities are joined voluntarily and without insurance provided. Please consider your fitness and safety in the activity which we have no responsibility. [活動參與均自願同玩,沒有任何保險承包,請自行負責安全。]

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