What we're about

Wild Wisdom Calling is an expression, a deeper meaning and a way of life. It is the poetical dance, the stroke of the artist brush, the movement of body. It’s the wilderness of landscapes and the changing nature of the seasons within. It is the rhythm of our internal drum. It is the wisdom of every unique experience brought forth to be shared, to be held, to be heard, to witness and be witnessed, to join together creatively in heart and spirit. It is the call to explore and deepen our connection, awaken our senses, to live fully with wild abandon and step into our authenticity, freedom and truth.

Can you feel your wild wisdom calling…?

Co-founded in 2016, Wild Wisdom Calling is where I offer safe space for creative expression and exploration through workshops and events for mind, body and soul.

My ongoing theme of poetry, story and creative being is ever seen throughout the work I do here, however some of my workshops and events touch on a more holistic way of working within our story.

There are 3 golden threads to Wild Wisdom Calling. These are;

Truly Spoken Workshops and Courses: Poetry, Story and Authentic Voice (https://k8walton.wordpress.com/truly-spoken-workshops-courses/).

Wild Words & Wisdom: Poetry Story and Song for Women. (https://k8walton.wordpress.com/wild-words-wisdom/)

Ecstatic Herts: Ecstatic Awakening Dance. Movement for Change (https://k8walton.wordpress.com/wild-wisdom-calling/ecstatic-awakening-dance/)

Each offering a unique approach to working with our story and the poetics of life.

Please take a look through the various threads above for much more information on all the workshops and events I facilitate. You can also follow us on Facebook by clicking here (https://www.facebook.com/wildwisdomcalling/) and giving us a like!

I look forward to welcoming you

Kate x

All workshops offer a safe and intimate space to share and delve into our story so far, and as such, some of the Adult courses can touch on the joys and sorrows we experience in life. Please come with an open heart and open mind and be willing to embrace whatever arise’s from the unconscious places within. Although the courses and workshop are playful, filled with creative self expression and therapeutic for the soul, they are not substitutes for counselling or professional therapy, if required.

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