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We are MAGA! We are Trump's America First supporters. We stand proud of our heritage and our founding. We defend our Republic. President Trump is OUR President! We work to support Trump's Save America PAC. We will oust the RINOs who shamelessly use Trump's name to raise fund, just to line their own wallets, while selling out our nation, our future, and the future of our future generations.

We will assist and champion President Trump's Make America GREAT Again agenda.

We do so by creating a Strong Conservative Community. We hang out. We socialize. We bond. And we activate. We answer call-for-action. We act like a wolf pack!

We are inviting as many of you as possible to step up and be an Event Organizer. All you need to do: come out with some ideas. Post the events. Meet and greet! Do not second guess your intuition. JUST DO IT!

Many good natured democrats have not left their party. But their party has left them behind. The party is so extreme and is totally anti-America. We need to wake up these good people and bring them over to our side.

Conservatism / Republican MAKE Sense! We are for Small Government, Individual Liberty and Free Market. What not to love?

ACTIVATE! That is what we NEED!

Keywords: Republicans, conservative, classic liberals, libertarian, Trump's supporters, Los Angeles, MAGA.

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