What we're about

This is the ultimate church, the church of truth! People of all religions, beliefs, and non-beliefs are welcome to come as our only mission is to discover the truth together. I will teach based on what I personally discovered and everyone will be able to add to the discussion. The one main rule is for everyone to be civil and to respect one another’s beliefs.
I only have room for 12 members because the lectures will be done at my home (for I cannot yet afford a church building) so please RSVP before coming.
The fee is $10 because this is the only way I can quit my day job.
Services are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am-12n. 1 hour will be for the lecture and the other will be for socializing and discussions.
These services will be held at 11976 Swooping Willow Rd. Jacksonville Fl 32223
(Important! I have 3 dogs. They are to be respected because I consider them my equals. They will not be a disruption to the lecture)

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