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Do you want to improve the quality of your life by understanding universal spiritual principles? Do you want to gain better understanding of the Law of Attraction and how it applies to you life? Are you seeking a stronger connection to the wisdom and power of your higher self? Do you want to expand your ability to love unconditionally and to live with more appreciation? Do you want to live with more passion, purpose, and joy?

Participating in this group is embarking on a shared journey. You will receive valuable insights and support for living in alignment with your most positive energies and enriching your life.

These meetings will be based on the teachings of "Abraham," a collective of high energy non-physical guides channeled by Esther Hicks, as described by her and her husband, Jerry, in their book Ask and It Is Given. The Abraham teachings were the original basis for the book, The Secret, and the principles are aligned with those taught by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and other contemporary spiritual teachers. Abraham offers concrete steps to take to transform our lives by strengthening our spiritual connections and accessing our highest, life-enriching energies.

These meetups will have a flexible structure. There will be a few planned processes to stimulate our thinking and raise our vibration. We may also listen to short (10-20 min.) audios of Abraham that illustrate the qualities and perspectives that Abraham teaches us to embody. We will share questions and experiences with Abraham's principles and the processes of desire and manifestation. In learning to integrate and apply our new understandings, we may access the wisdom and the highest principles of many traditions and teachers, such as mindfulness, non-judgment, and kindness, Our conversations will largely address the areas in which the group members would like to receive guidance and support in order to experience more abundance in their lives and to contribute to others in positive and meaningful ways.

We will usually meet once or twice a month at one of the public libraries, depending on space availability. A donation of $5 is requested at each meeting to help cover fees due to meetup.com for hosting the Law of Attraction page and to reimburse costs for material purchase and preparation. Your support will continue to make this group possible!

If you are ready to experience the powerful connection and support that will be offered in these meetings, please join. Our shared energy will be uplifting and healing. Let's come together in the spirit of co-creation and joy!

(The facilitator of the group will be Priya Grace, who has a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. In addition to studying Abraham's teachings for two decades, she has led Women's Wisdom,Heart-to Heart Communication, Awaken to Oneness, and The Empress Group meetups. She has over forty years of combined experience as a spiritual conference director/presenter, holistic magazine publisher, K-12 teacher, charter school principal, founder/director of three alternative schools, tarot intuitive, and spiritual counselor for individuals and couples. She currently Abraham-Hicks workshops and classes and personalized life coaching sessions for individuals and in groups. Her work is based upon intuitive readings, law of attraction principles, and positive psychology. Her passion is teaching and promoting joyous connections with spirit, self, and abundance in all aspects of life.)

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