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Welcome to the Tucson Ayahuasca Community!

We are a unique and heart-centered group of people that embrace alternative healing methods through medicinal plant medicines, particularly Ayahuasca. Our community is a safe and supportive environment for individuals committed to expanding their knowledge of the Ayahuasca experience both inside and outside of ceremony. We welcome those who wish to learn, investigate and explore their consciousness with an open mind and free spirit. We also welcome those willing to question conventional thinking, ask questions while exploring the answers. We oppose the dogma, elitism, and pseudoscience that often plague discussions around this sacred and healing medicina.

We are a community for those who have had prior experiences with the medicina, for those who consider themselves to be novices and/or the just plain curious exploring deeper methods for their healing. With that said, we are so glad you are here! As we unite, we will sharing our experiences for deeper integration as well as share information about what to expect before, during and after a journey with Mother Ayahuasca. We will also be discussing the different terminology used for the ancient medicinal practice as well as ceremony preparation, icaros and dieta.

Good to Know Facts:

Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) is a vine of the jungle, which grows in the entire Amazonia, from Columbia to Peru, Bolivia, Brasil and Guyana. It is known to and respected by all indigenous peoples as a healing plant or master “teacher plant” and represents the basis of their traditional medicines.

Ayahuasca is boiled together with the leaves of a shrub called “Chacruna” (Psychotria viridis), giving a brew or sacred drink of psychoactive character that is consumed in a ritual ceremony leading to reflection and cleansing. This brew, named also Ayahuasca, has been used for more than 5,000 years by the shamans of the Amazon as a way to reach amplified states of consciousness.

The psychoactive effects of Ayahuasca can be attributed to Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a substance that is produced by our own body and is responsible for our nocturnal dreams. According to the healers Chacruna is in charge of “painting the visions” whereas the Ayahuasca plant is the one teaching beyond those visions.

The term Ayahuasca is derived from the Quechua words “aya ” meaning soul or spirit and “huasca” meaning rope or vine. This is translated as the cord of the dead or the vine of the soul and is considered to be a drink used by the initiated ones to communicate with the world of the spirits. This brew is considered to be the foundation of the magical-spiritual connection of more than 75 ethnic groups of the Upper and Lower Amazonia.

Ayahuasca and Yage mean the same thing. It is a psychoactive brew that contains DMT that gives people enlightening experiences that has the ability to invoke life transformation. However, it's important to note that it is not for everyone, but when we are ready to receive her, she has an innate ability to call us to her. When we are being called to her, we know from the deepest depths of our core that it's time to commune with her.

Ayahuasca is a powerful plant medicine that, when approached with respect and pure intention, is a wonderful teacher and healer. Ayahuasca is a strong cleansing medicine on all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The process is one of letting go of what is not serving us on our journey here. The resulting clarity helps us move forward in our life's purpose. The focus of the process is often healing of wounds such as abandonment, rejection, unworthiness as well as healing the physical, emotional and mental results of these wounds. This medicine is also known as an entheogen. It deepens our connection with the Divine both within us as well as within all of existence. You will receive guidance tailored individually for you. Your safety and care throughout the process is the highest priority.

We are all learning and we look forward to getting to know everyone!

Upcoming events (2)

Movie Night - The Last Shaman

Tucson City Council Ward 6

The Last Shaman will be shown at this date and time in collaboration with Tucson Psychedelic Society. The movie takes you through a young man's journey and transformation of facing his own mental health issues and limiting beliefs. He utilizes the traditional Peruvian way of Ayahuasca and meets a lot of different shamans along the way. A complete transformation of mind, body, and spirit is what he gains in return. Great Movie! Any questions? Just message me 🎀

Preparing for Ceremony

Tucson City Council Ward 6

Preparing for ceremony is key and important, especially if you have never done it before! We will go over several topics including: 1. Foods to eat and foods to avoid 2. Medications and medical clearance 3. Relaxation and therapeutic practices to engage in including breathing, grounding, and mindfulness 4. Setting your intentions 5. Choosing "the right" ceremony for you And more! This will be an informal format as in we will introduce ourselves then jump into the topic. The purpose of these meetings are never to convince anyone to engage in the use of the medicine, but rather serve as psycho-education. It is assumed that everyone will do their personal research and make the best decision for themselves. The purpose is to hold a safe space where individuals interested in the medicine can speak safely about their interests and experiences in this wonderful medicina. We will be meeting at WARD 6. Enter from the back which is the South entrance. Please text me or call with any questions[masked]. Looking forward to meeting yall!

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