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This meetup is for all dog lovers and BarkHappy users in the Tucson area!

BarkHappy is a FREE mobile app that helps you find other dogs nearby, dog friendly places, and we have weekly meetups and events! Join our group. but also download the mobile app and make your dog a BarkHappy Profile!

We cant wait to see you and your pup soon!

Be sure to use #barkhappy on your dogs pics on Instagram too follow us @barkhappy

note all meetups and events are completely voluntary and subject to our Terms & Conditions found here:


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Hey everyone! If you have any meetup suggestions please leave a comment! We'll try and get something scheduled soon Also if you'd like to volunteer to become one of our local organizers email us [masked] with your basic info. If you are an organizer you get BarkHappy swag like tshirts and goodies for your dog.

Download the BarkHappy App for your dog!
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Is your dog BarkHappy yet? Download our Free mobile app that helps you find other dogs nearby to make friends, shows you dog friendly places on the map, see upcoming dog friendly events (and host your own group play dates). It even has Lost and Found Alerts! We cant wait to see your dog's profile!

Stay tuned for our next meetup!
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I hope you all have downloaded the BarkHappy app and are checking out all of the dog friendly locations in Tucson. We hope to meet lots of you tomorrow but if you can't make it stay tuned for our next meetup. Due to the weather reaching back up to 115 degrees next weekend we wont be having a play date. Be safe and stay cool indoors and we will see you all soon.

FYI Dog Days of Summer at the Botanical Gardens
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In case you didnt know, all summer long you can bring your dog to the Botanical Gardens for an additional 3 dollars. Its a great way to change up the scenery during these summer months. If any of you would like to do a meetup there are willing to pay the entry fee for yourself and your dog let us know! We think this might be a cool place to relax either in the morning or perhaphs during their Twighlight Thursday nights.

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