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1 - The PURPOSE - of all C3 STUDIO activity is to help you develop a deeper understanding of your holistic self and your personal relationship with reality formation. Educating on self awareness, reprogramming of subconscious patterns and the opening of heart, body and mind will facilitate awakening into an expanded sense of "YOU" that incorporates your god, quantum or "oneness" self - just as much as your physical self. Learning to view reality from various new perspectives allows you to create your life experience in a more conscious manner. You CAN grow beyond limiting beliefs to better live the life of your dreams.


2 - WHO SHOULD JOIN? - Are you ready for your next steps in developing more conscious awareness? Want to learn more about leading edge science and spirit technology? Would you like to hear what it's like to move so deep into quantum consciousness that you become the ONE MIND of all that is - from someone who's actually experienced it? Do you want to heal from victim consciousness and limiting beliefs? Do you want to meet like minded souls with similar desires to be their best authentic selves? If so, you should join this group.


3 - WHAT SHALL WE DO AT THIS EVENT? - C3 Studio tools for education and self discovery are extensive and varied. We have many options. See the list below.



• EVERY group will have conversation, teaching, a meditation period; sometimes guided.

• Occasional Mini Source Sound Healings from master Didgeridoo artist Allen Smith and a studio full of Brain Entrainment sound tools for quieting the mind/body and making it receptive to subconscious reprogramming. This is to assist in changing unwanted and limiting belief patterns.

• Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Schumann Resonance (Earth Friendly) EM field Chakra Balancing

• Group sharing and viewing of an extensive 10 video series on leading edge GUT HEALTH and the Brain/Heart/Gut/Body connection. Allen purchased this informational set for over $200 to share with you.

• Educational subjects on the big picture view of topics such as quantum biology, what is the information field or the field? epigenetics, neuroscience and brain plasticity, quantum water structuring and its role in the body, quantum physics, biocentrism and the illusions of time, space and perception.

• The new science and fresh spirit of co-creation concepts - just how responsible for reality are you?

• Eckhart Tolle wisdom, the art of being present, meditation methodology, in the art of letting go, what are you releasing and opening to? Thinking beyond duality.

• What to do when science fact is even more expansive than spiritual dogma?

• Hear of Allen's Near Death like consciousness experience of massive proportion and learn how pure consciousness experiences itself and the universe beyond all manner of story. Is there a "real" you?

• Find out how close you already are to your source presence and how you can tap into your quantum awareness. Be guided in meditation by the use of novel techniques gained from Allen's own "Journey to Source" experience.


FINALLY - This group introduces you to the professional services of C3 Studio that come in 3 forms.
Talk with Allen for further details.

1 - Consciousness and Spiritual Guidance and Life Coaching.
2 - Source Sound Healing Personal Sessions with Ambisonic Sound and optional recording for later relistening.
3 - Brain Entrainment Audio Guided Meditation Libraries to purchase for the reprogramming of limiting beliefs and patterns.


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