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Most Buddhist say... "I take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and the Sangha", this group is focused on immersing oneself in the Dharma. Every month, on the third Tuesday, there will be a gathering to discuss the latest reading and share our questions and understandings. I moved to Tucson in 2012 and left behind in New Hampshire my beloved Manchester Buddhist Sangha which had this kind of book group. Since then I've missed constantly reading Dharma books and having people to discuss them with. To have a dharma book to read at all times allows the dharma to permeate into all the aspects of your life. To have a group to share the readings with is opportunity to develop and share your understanding for the benefit of others or to honestly share your confusion which will also help others gain understanding.

The idea of the Tucson Buddhist Bookclub will be to sample the wide and diverse range of Buddhist teachings in print and then get together to discuss and share our questions and understandings. This will be a non-denominational group and our purpose will be to sample the many different flavors of Buddhism without espousing any particular style or lineage as "the best". Our practice will only be to read and discuss the dharma teachings. We will read contemporary texts from modern authors, and original source texts, as well as classics in between.... We will go from Zen and American Buddhism to the Hinyana, Mayahana, and Vajrayana texts. We will welcome all comers from Total Beginners to Awakened Buddhas, we just ask that participation is intended for the sincere furthering of one's own understanding and the furthering of the Buddhist understanding of others. There will be no "Teachers" , just equal participants trying to awaken and realize the Buddha we all have within.

A $5 donation will be encouraged at every meeting. After meeting the expenses of the meetup group, any additional funds raised will be donated to One Global Village ( a Tucson based charity which supports education and public health based projects in Tibet. This is an opportunity to practice Generosity, one of the six perfections.

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