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Waking Up! Mr. Gurdjieff left us a system of Inner Life development - from unconsciousness to Consciousness - simply called the Work - relevant to our rapidly changing society. This is a G.I. Gurdjieff phone-in Work group for anyone interested in the teachings and practical daily application of Awareness, Waking Up and Inner Life - Spiritual development. Our group was started in 1972 by Willem Nyland - a direct student of Mr. Gurdjieff from 1924 - 1949. New beginners or long time advanced - all are welcome. If you have been touched by these teachings and wish to Work with others who are also Working on themselves, please contact us. We meet Wednesday nights phone Uber-conferencing 520-231-5335 and NO PIN necessary. For further information: Wayne 520-360-7340 or wpowell17@cox.net

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