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Caught in that infinite loop of work, eat, and sleep and looking to filter out the monotony and gain the excitement in your life? Google no further…
We are all about embracing our inner nerd and unleashing it into the world. We want to know how stuff works and building sh** is our business. If carelessly left to our own devices with some scrap parts, we will innnovate and create the machines that Elon’s flamethrowers were made to destroy.
This group is a catalyst designed to give you the activation energy to unlock legendary. We expect you to have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow programmers, engineers, hobbyists, and possibly entrepreneurs. Together with our powers combined we will tackle energy harvesting, home automation, quadcopters, our personal custom Alexa, and that “it would be great if there was a” devices.
So if you got the bandwidth, join us and we will modulate your current activity level and transmit you into that higher band of awesome.

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