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This is for anyone who wants to discuss Philosophy/Society/Ethics or other related topics. The purpose of this association is to expose yourself to new ideas and to gain a better understanding of others' points of view and the world in general. Topics range from more theoretical questions of epistemology or metaphysics, to practical applications of philosophy towards ourselves and entities living in a society/culture.

This group is for anyone with any education level - the only requirement is that you remain civil and be open to listening to new ideas. Example topics might be: Belief vs. Knowledge, Faith vs. Proof, free will vs determinism. How do each of these debates play out in our lives and in society? How much are we a product of our culture, or vice versa? How do we deal with uncertainty in our lives? Where do ethics/morals fit into this? Etc. Finally, I hope that our meetings will be, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, "conducted in the sincere spirit of inquiry after truth, without fondness for dispute or desire of victory."

More of our policies can be found at the top of the message board. I repeat those here:

Some policies of the group:

Members are welcome to become assistant organizers, and arrange their own meetups.

In order to attend a meetup, your profile must include a recognizable photo of yourself. We need to be able to recognize you as you walk up to the meeting.

I personally will have a meetup on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, at 10 AM. I plan to always have a topic, and the topics will rotate through a philosophy topic, a society topic, and an ethics topic.

Assistant organizers may choose, for their meetups, the location, the date, the time, the attendance limit, and the topic. (or no topic - a topic is not required)

RSVP's should be taken seriously, because we usually have a waiting list of people who want to attend, and we limit attendance. If you RSVP that you are coming, and then you don't show up, without changing your RSVP, you will be preventing someone else from coming. This is also true if you change your RSVP to "no" shortly before the meeting starts. You should change your RSVP at least 36 hours before the start of a meetup. Repeat offenders may be moved to the waiting list if they RSVP again.

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A Society Topic

Mitchell's House

Any suggestions for our society topic? • What we'll do: The usual, a friendly, spirited discussion. Everyone's views will be heard. Mitchell will make coffee. Tea is available. • What to bring: You may bring a snack to share; this is optional. Optimally, we might have some healthy and some not-so-healthy snacks.

The Nature of Change 1-5 PM @Andrea's

Andrea's House

Some thought questions: -Have you personally ever made a major change in your opinions or behaviour? What was the impetus for the change? Did it "Stick"? If so, what made it stick? -Is it possible to change someone's mind? What do you think is the most effective way to do so? -Are some changes inevitable? -Are some changes never ever going to happen? (For example, will men ever be able to give birth?) -What causes social change? Protest? Legislation? Catastrophe? Marketing? Does it "stick?" What makes it stick? -Do we recognize change when it has happened or is it sometimes so gradual that we don't notice? -Can you think of situations where there was a definite "Cause and effect" relationship between a change agent and the change itself (example - the awareness that smoking causes cancer and the decrease in the number of people who smoke?) -If you were going to try to convey a message of importance to everyone in the US (ex. a specific food is fatal if ingested), what would be the best way to inform the greatest number of people? I'm reading two good books at the moment that I hope will inform the discussion - one is called "How Change Happens" and the other is "How to Change your mind". Feel free to bring snacks. I'll have drinks and snacks.

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Individualism vs. Collectivism

Mitchell's House

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