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TWB offers basic to advanced information about blogging for self, community, business, family, and the world.

Nancy, the TWB coordinator, works from a triple bottom line model that considers people, planet, and profit. Ideally, we have one meeting a month (first Sunday) based on a presentation/seminar/group-driven model. A second gathering is an informal, social gathering on the fourth Sunday.

We are rotating our first Sunday meetings between presentations and group-based help sessions.

We may or may not talk about writing and blogging at our 4th Sunday social gatherings.

Donations are accepted. No one will ever be turned away for lack of funds! makes me say either that 1. a fee is charged, or 2. the Meetup is free. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Any assistance you may give with the cost of hosting our gatherings is gratefully accepted. There is a hat in the corner to accept donations.

Women's networks help women succeed. As a writer and blogger who has matured along with electronic communications, Nancy looked for a women's group in Southern Arizona that focused on the emergent writing niche we call blogging and couldn't find it. There are great Meetup groups that focus on business networking, and ones that focus on women's business networking, there are groups that focus on writing and blogging but none that are for women who write/blog.

Once you have physically attended a meetup, you can join our secret FB Group. If you have attended our meetup and wish to be added to the group, drop me a note.

About the Founder

aka Nancy Hill

As a seasoned writer, blogger, and someone trained in the way people use information and brand identities for themselves and their businesses, I decided I should offer a Women's Blogging Meetup for Southern Arizona to share what I know and learn from other women to get the women's blog network going in the viejo Primeria Alta or at least in the Old Pueblo.

I have been a freelance writer since 1990, a blogger since the late 1990s, and am trained in semiotic anthropology, and have a couple of decades of library and museum work experience under my belt. I have a start up called: The Women's Legacy Project ( My business is officially called: Hill Research Services, LLC (

--Nancy Hill, Founder

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