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With Qigong you will discover how to empower your energy body, feeling a connection to the 5d and moving past 3d ailments. Feel your awareness move your Spiritual body to a lighter level. With four preliminary exercises you move the entire physical and energy body to bring a state of balance to your being. Adding three main meditations completes level one.

The ancient masters taught how to lift our spiritual, energetic and physical levels to a higher level through mediation and powerful exercises. These teachings have been passed down for thousands of years and build stamina, longevity, and spirit.

By doing as the Ancient Masters did you achieve the results they received. They move your whole being to a higher level which help open extra senses and abilities.

These ancient masters showed us how to improve our immune system and mind power to protect ourselves from all harmful effects with a simple step by step process.

This is a a powerful practice that surrounds us all in Love, Joy and Compassion and influences the body to nurture itself in a way that strengthens the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I am in the lineage of Zhong Yuan Qigong.

Qigong is a simple life science that helps develop your being to embrace all life around you while solidifying your connection to that life.

Are you feeding the Energy body like you feed your physical one? The process is very important and the vibrant exercises of ZY Qigong do just that.

Meditating in an ocean of Qi while doing exercises...bliss!

Learn a simple life science and develop something about you.

Experience qigong, the ancient Chinese art self-healing and Awakening. With simple exercises, meditations and visualizations, discover your ability to cultivate a relaxed and energized state of being.

We look forward to sharing the rich wisdom of this art, and science, with you!


Thursdays 7pm-8:30pm 326 S Wilmot bldg B ste 110 \

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