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We have created this group to encourage and support those interested in learning about the AIP and Paleo protocols in order to have another perspective for reversing autoimmune conditions. We will gather to ask questions, share experiences, give informational talks, enjoy monthly potlucks, exchange recipes, share our resources, build community and most importantly, hope to encourage you on your health journey.

Lindsey Parsons, Certified Health Coach, High Desert Health
Scout Noble, Noble Food Rx
AIP/Paleo chef, caterer, recipe developer

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Testing for Autoimmune Disease

Natural Grocers

Do you suspect you have an autoimmune disease but haven’t yet gotten a diagnosis? Or do you have a diagnosis but aren’t sure whether your lifestyle changes are helping your disease go into remission? Or maybe you’re interested in getting at the root of your autoimmune disease through functional medicine testing (including nutrients, organic acids or stool testing)? We will talk about different types of testing and how they can be useful in understanding and reversing your autoimmune disease. And as always, we'll share our stories as we're comfortable and share our knowledge and resources for living with and reversing autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Desserts

Natural Grocers

Making dessert while you’re restricting a lot of ingredients can be challenging! But you are allowed a few natural sweeteners in moderation while on AIP: maple syrup, coconut sugar and honey. We’ll make and sample two AIP desserts and share the recipes.

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Introduction to the Autoimmune Protocol

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