What we're about

This group exists to support and encourage people in the greater Tucson area who want meet with others to swim, bike, run, or all three. You don't have to be a triathlete, or even aspire to be one. If you only want to run or ride, that's fine. If you compete great, if you just do it for fun and fitness, that's great too. We just want to provide the events that will create the peer support and camaraderie for group training.

The "west side" part of the name expresses the intent to increase the level of organized activities on the west side of town, which seems to have less coverage than the east side. Anybody is of course welcome without regard to where you live.

The activities will evolve as the group members want it to. Group members create the events - anybody can do it. We can have weekday morning or evening events, and longer ones sometimes on weekends. After we get some membership, we'll see if a regular schedule emerges, or if it is just ad hoc scheduling according to availability. Because of the wide range of experience, ability, and age (from newbies to 30+ years, from college age to retirees), some events may be fast paced and some easy, and a range in between. I'll try to make sure there is some indication of anticipated pace in the description, but generally, we'll practice "no drop" on rides and runs - if the group gets strung out the front will pause at an intersection to let everyone get back together.

What's the main idea? I very often end up training alone, but I'd rather be training with some friends. So I'm trying to create some training buddies over here on the west side. If this sounds good to you, join the group and come to some events.

Hey, it's free, why not?

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New Year’s Polar Swim

Canyon Lake

Patagonia Lake State Park Swim

Patagonia Lake State Park

Patagonia Lake State Park Swim

Patagonia Lake State Park

Parker Canyon Lake Swim

Parker Canyon Lake Marina

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