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This expanding group is for people of local Native background trying to learn our language. I will provide a Lushootseed dictionary until members all have their own. This will be an interactive group in which we USE the language, i.e., touching the table and stating, "I am touching the table." Or similarly, "I put the cup on the table." We can also discuss issues regarding everything from tribal enrollment, personal past and present struggles, to recovery, wellness and individual world views. Many of us were in foster care, many older ones of us in residential schools. Let's share and heal.

I am sincerely hoping to get many local Native people into this group as this will help with its authenticity. Natives will have a lot of songs and stories in the language to share. Non-Natives welcome but must respect the culture.

We have drumming on the side! Natives bring their drums wherever they go. Below is about drumming but a lot can be applied to language as well. We can learn chants and songs in this manner. We bring our Native drums to wherever we may gather, to practice and tutor one another. We believe that the drum is a living being. It will become your teacher, your healer and your friend. Sweet Medicine drum makers state eloquently: "For centuries, drumming has been a central part of indigenous cultures worldwide. Drumming has been commonplace at wedding ceremonies, births, deaths, harvests and rites of passage. It is used by peoples to connect to the Earth and to one another. As a universal, vibrational language, the drumbeat communes with the Earth and all her creatures. In recent years, major articles describing the healing effects of this ancient practice have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, Yoga Journal, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek. Drumming is now being used successfully in programs to aid Alzheimer's patients, autistic children, and emotionally disturbed teens as well as by large corporations to help employees focus attention and improve the spirit. Medical researchers now testify to the stress reducing effects of this ancient art. According to current medical research, stress either causes or exacerbates 98% of all disease. The brain's fundamental need for rhythm has long been known in the field of music therapy. Studies indicate that drumming for brief periods can actually change a person's brainwave patterns, dramatically reducing stress."

Likewise, LANGUAGE can be just as healing. I will add in a longer write-up about the fundamentals and importance of language itself soon. We need to revive our native languages, no matter what dialect or language group. Non- tribal members, members of other tribes interested in Lushootseed may feel free to join and participate.

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