What we're about

This aims to be an association of like minded part-time and full-time resellers / eCommerce entrepreneurs / pickers / flippers... The goal of our group is to learn and share with one another to foster a mutually beneficial local community.

DO you sell or want to sell on eBay / Amazon / local selling apps or have merchandise to liquidate? Never sold, new seller, veteran seller? Just a sole operation, you and a spouse, and company?

Only want to build your empire and not share or help other? Want to find or steal other's sources or processes and not give in return? Don't come.

Our first several meeting will be to get to know each other and determine if there is interest in further meetings and what our goals / interests will be.

For your first meeting bring two problems you want help solving and one solution, tip or source that will help someone else. Be prepared to introduce yourself and tell how long you have been selling, generally what you want to sell, what items you want to learn about selling, what you feel you are good at.

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