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Gestalt Therapy Group
This therapy group is for anyone who has had some experience of being in one to one therapy. If you are interested in attending please phone me on[masked] for a brief chat. Thank you. The aim is to support your healing, growth and development through enhancing your self-knowledge and understanding within a supportive, experiential, and fun group. Gestalt focuses on 'what is' in the here and now. This is what we need to give attention to in order to heal ourselves. The self is very wise. Whatever we are with, in terms of our reactions, our physical tensions, our repetitive thoughts or feelings, are what we need to attend to. Through doing this we can explore and know ourselves better, and heal. Groups throw more reactions into our here and now, which is why I think it is important that you have had some therapy before joining, which is to have had some training in attending to, and looking after, yourself. For more information please visit my website at

West Kent / East Sussex - Gestalt Therapy

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What we're about

This fortnightly group is for anyone with some experience of one to one therapy / counselling and who wants to continue their development in the broader and more challenging context of a group. Gestalt is an approach that focuses on our experience in the here and now, attending in detail to how we are in the moment, with our reactions. This awareness enables us to understand what is driving us to be the way we are, and do the things we do. This process needs both support and challenge, which a group is ideally placed to give. It is through insight and understanding that change occurs. The golden rule for relationships is, that it is what we reject, judge or complain about in the other, is what we are rejecting, judging and not accepting in ourselves.

Groups have their own processes of development and usually go through a series of stages, and hopefully they arrive at a place of deep openness and mutual support. But the road can be a bit rocky at times, so perseverance and patience are needed to get there. And, as with personal therapy we need to be prepared to work at facing our insecurity, whatever form it takes. The prize though is, as ever, self-knowledge and greater freedom, together with the joy of sharing a deep and real connection with others.

Please visit my website for more information about my approach generally and this group in particular. I charge £25 per group.

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