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What we’re about

Welcome to Tuolumne County Hikers Meetup! This group is for anyone interested in hiking and other outdoor activities. We are fellow hikers, NOT professional guides, who enjoy exploring the natural world around us. At times it will be our first experience on a trail chosen for a Meetup, so be prepared to look at a map and deal with any adventure thrown our way. <br>

We are not a singles group. We are simply a group of people of ALL ages who love spending time outdoors.

We carpool, hike, backpack, raft, rappel, climb, and do other activities together. Some of our hikes will be easy with lower mileage, and some will be difficult with higher mileage and elevation. So whether you're a novice or avid hiker, please join us.

It is your responsibility to know your ability when signing up for a meetup. Please contact the hike organizer with any questions you may have.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Hiking, water activities, and all outdoor events are rewarding and pleasant activities in nature, but there are certain dangers you should be aware of. Those include, but are not limited to, trip and fall injuries, Acute Mountain Sickness, drowning, poison oak exposure, bee stings, tick, snake bites and etc.. By signing up and/or attending any meetup on this group you and your guest(s) assume the risks of the trip/activities and agree to release Tuolumne County Hikers, hike organizer, other volunteers and anyone associated/related to this meetup group from any claims for any injuries or other losses sustained during any of the hikes and activities. If you are bringing a guest(s), it is your responsibility to inform and confirm with him/her of this liability agreement.

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