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Turkey Head Sailing Bunch is a collaborative group of Victoria sailors of all experience levels looking to improve our skills, network with other sailors and most of all have fun! Events are organized by our members for our members and include social events, day and overnight cruises and, when permitted, races. Contact Garry Sagert, Richard King or Dorrie Collins if you would like the ability to post events on this site.

Please bring appropriate clothing, snacks, water bottle and PFD to all sailing events.

First-time sailors should attend an orientation session before sailing in any THSB events. We recommend that organizers, skippers, crew and guests take formal sail training from accredited sources and maintain their gear as required by law.

New members must complete the profile survey outlining their experience level and interests.

Particularly during this pandemic, we cannot guarantee spots for crew on boats. It is dependent on how many boats have signed up for an event that are looking for/willing to take crew. If you are a skipper posting a sailing event please indicate whether or not you are looking for crew.

If you are a crew member interested in a particular event that has been posted and don't already have a boat to crew, please post a message indicating that you are looking to join a boat. If you do not receive a positive response it is an indication that no boats are available for you for that time.

COVID-19 Protocols

THSB is committed to a safe return to activities by following provincial health guidelines ( http://www.gov.bc.ca/PHOguidance ) and Sail Canada guidelines ( https://www.sailing.ca/uploads/2020/05/Return-to-Sailing-and-COVID-19-Public-Health-and-Safety-Measures-for-Sailing-Clubs-and-Members-May-13-2020-Final-v3.pdf ) with regard to COVID-19, with emphasis on the following:

• No social gatherings outside of a given household

• All sailors must be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before boarding

• Any sailors exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms must stay at home and self-isolate, and inform any skippers they have sailed with in the last 14 days, who in turn will inform other crew of potential COVID-19 exposure

• All sailors not from the same household must maintain 2m/6ft of distance at all times

• Skippers should assign individuals specific roles, minimize the number of people touching surfaces, sails or lines (to the extent that it is safe to do so) and sanitize surfaces frequently touched by multiple people


There are risks of injury and death involved in sailing. The skipper is always responsible for the safety of their vessel and crew, and has the final decision on who may sail aboard their vessel. Crew are always responsible for their own decision to step aboard any vessel and do so at their own risk. The organizers, skippers, crew, participants and guests make no representations in regards to their training, skills or abilities and take no responsibility for the same of those who participate. By participating in an event you are agreeing that you understand the statements above and accept that it is your responsibility to properly prepare yourself to participate in the activities you attend, so that you can do so safely.

Upcoming events (5)

Vector June Pursuit series.

Needs a location

Vector June Pursuits
Rule update

The Race Committee in its infinite wisdom has made the following decisions.

1. The Race will finish at 8:20.

2. We are only going to count your 4 best finishes. So two races are throw aways. - It means you can still come out and win.

3. To count as a participant for the point you should stay the whole time but you are a participant if you at least get to the first mark.

Vector has kindly donated A $300.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE which will be awarded to the series winner. There will be six races starting on June 1 and the last race will be on July 6.

Each boat that races and finishes outside the top three will receive 1 point. Each boat that finishes in the top 3 will receive two points.
To be eligible you must race, follow the rules post the name of your boat and your finish time on the meetup site (have someone do it for you or send it to Richard King). Good Luck and good sailing

The chart of the marks and tables of courses will be available this Tues at 1700 or close to it on the deck at the cafe.

Our thanks to Brain Blunt for soliciting the Prize.

The course choice will be decided on the night of the pursuit based on wind & current and announced on Ch 9 at 1750 & 1755. The start times never change.

The course will be selected to match wind and current conditions the goal being an approximately two hours race. If the first boat crosses the finish line by

PHRF Range
Start 1 18:[masked]
Start 2 18:[masked]
Start 3 18:[masked]
Start 4 18:[masked]
Start 5 18:[masked]
Start 6 18:[masked]
Start 7 18:[masked]
Start 8 18:[masked]
Start 9 18:[masked]
Start 10 18:[masked]
Start 11 18:[masked]
Start 12 18:[masked]
Start 13 18:[masked]
Start 14 18:[masked]
Start 15 18:[masked]
Start 16 18:[masked]
Start 17 18:[masked]
Start 18 18:[masked]
Start 19 18:[masked]
Start 20 18:[masked]
Start 21 18:[masked]
Start 22 18:[masked]
Start 23 18:[masked]
THSB Thursday Casual Pursuits - 2021

Alpha 1.80 <6
All Marks to Port

Bravo 2.60 <6
All Marks to Port

Charlie 3.45 <6
All Marks to Stbd
All Marks to Port
1st Boat Rule - applies to the first 3 courses
If the first boat finishes before 1900 then twice around using A1 as the turning mark

All Marks to Port

All Marks to Stbd
All Marks to Port

All Marks to Stbd
All Marks to Port

All Marks to Stbd
All Marks to Port

All Marks to Stbd
All Marks to Port

All Marks to Stbd
All Marks to Port

Juillet 6.40 12+
All Marks to Stbd
All Marks to Port

Kilo 6.55 12+
All Marks to Stbd
All Marks to Port

Lima 6.60 12+
B3(S); B2(S); B3(P)

Mike 7.50 15+
All Marks to Stbd
All Marks to Port

Start-Finish Line
Fiddle-Todd Transit & stay SE of RVYC A1
Must finish from the direction of the last mark

The Marks are located as in the posted picture B1 is east of trail Island in front of the towers. B2 in at Virtue Rock

Picnic at Cordova Bay

Online event

Weather permitting.

Meet for a picnic on the beach at the south end of Cordova Bay about 2:00pm

This is an experiment and an adventure as we haven't done this before, but boats do anchor there.

Max flood is noonish, and slack is around 3:45 and max ebb 7:00ish. We were thinking of leaving ll:00am or so and going to the south end of Cordova Bay beach, anchoring and going ashore for a picnic. There is no point in trying to be a convoy as we will all travel at different speeds.

Stay connected on Channel 9

It is not certain whether there will be any space for extra crew, but no harm in signing up. If a skipper is able to take you then you will hear from them.


If you are new to sailing with us, here are a few notes.

Turkey Head is a bunch of sailors with varying degrees of knowledge and experience who wish to promote sailing.

Skippers will usually take a novice out to try sailing (except in Covid times) and safety is our highest priority. We do not expect much except that you follow all safety advice. As you will appreciate a boat is a big investments in time and money.

SAFETY: You are responsible for your own safety and must assess the situation for yourself. (This includes an assessment of the skipper, the crew, the boat and the conditions. The more challenging the conditions the more confident you want to be about who you are going with.)

CLOTHING: It is always cooler on the water than it is on land. Dress for outdoor activity in layers that can be be adapted to the day’s conditions. Wear flat shoes with non-slip non -marking soles. Bring a snack and beverage if you are going to be out for a while and bring something to share.

PFD Some skippers have an extra life jacket that you may borrow, however you should ask rather than expect it. If you want to continue to sail, buy a life jacket.

The more helpful and pleasant you are on the boat, the more likely it is you will get invited back. It is not a free pleasure cruise but an opportunity to try out an active sport. Take care and have fun.

RVYC Wednesday Night Races

Royal Victoria Yacht Club

Come join the fun on Wednesday night. Be a part of a larger racing community.
Wednesday night are a good way to practice for Regatta's and RVYC Trophy Races.
RVYC encourages everyone to get their BC PHRF rating from BC. They also prefer that you register on their website as a racer.
Registering lets RVYC include you in their Wednesday results.

These steps are not required You can just come out and Race. If however you want to be part of a Trophy race or any Regatta you need to have an up to date rating card and belong to a member Club. Turkey Head is a registered sailing club with Sail BC/ Sail Canada.

There General Racing instructions are posted in the discussion section of the site.

The starting point is between DI a large boat and a marker Buoy It is obvious in the Bay courses are announced prior to the Race.

The two buoys that are not in the picture are Virtue rock and one on the east side of Trial Island.

If you need more information Contact RVYC

Insurance is also required to participate in any RVYC racing, including one million liability. That goes for any organized regatta or race on the VIRS or VARC schedules as well. Alex

RVYC Thursday Casual Racing

Online event

Thursday Night Casual Race Series
First of all, welcome back to everyone who’s taken part before and welcome to
new casual racers! This is intended to be a FUN night out on the water with your
fellow sailors. Low intensity, safety first, hopefully lots of smiles and some
learning too! Here are the details.
- Start/Finish line is between The orange post on the end of the RVYC
breakwater and the white mooring buoy in the middle of the bay.
- The Race Committee for the evening will either be on “Discovery Isle”, tied
up at the RVYC dock, in which case the orange flag will be displayed
onboard, or the race may be started by a designated competing
skipper.This first Thursday, Gus Mercer has agreed to start the race from
onboard his Ericson 25.5 “Wind Chaser”. We’ll be looking for others to
share the starting duties on other days.
- At 18:05 there will be a radio check by the race committee, just to get
everyone’s attention. At approximately 18:10 the committee will hail
(Thursday Night Casual Fleet) and communicate the course for the
evening, including the order of marks and rounding direction. eg: Start, A1,
A3, marks to port.
- The format for the Thursday race is that all boats start together and
progress around the course. The basic Right of Way rules apply,
Starboard tack has right of way over Port...Leeward boat has rights
over Windward boat...Overtaking boat keeps clear. When the leading
boat rounds the last mark, in this case A3, the entire fleet takes that cue
and reverses direction, racing back to the Start/Finish line, leaving the
designated marks on the opposite side, in this case to starboard.
- Start Timing is based on GPS time, but don’t worry if you are not on exact
GPS time, the most important thing is that the actual start sequence will
be exactly 5 minutes. Here’s the start sequence and associated hails,
sounds and or flags:
6 minutes before start (18:14): – Courtesy sounds - 5 short beeps, and/or an
announcement on Ch. 9 that the first warning signal will be in 1 minute. (This is
not mandatory, at the discretion of the committee).
5 minutes before start (18:15) – First Warning Signal- 1 sound, and/or
announcement “Five Minutes!” (Class Flag up, if starting from D.I. No flag if a
competitor is the race committee)4 minutes before start (18:16) – Preparatory Signal - 1 sound, and or
announcement “ Four Minutes!” (Blue Prep Flag up if starting from D.I.)
1 minute before start (18:19) – Preparatory Signal down - 1 (longer) sound,
and/or announcement “One Minute to start!” (Blue Flag down if starting from D.I.)
goes down).
Start (18:20) – Start - 1 sound, and or announcement “Start!” (Class flag comes
down if starting from D.I
two marks not in the picture are B3 east of Jemmy Jones and B1 east of Trail Island. See down load for complete map
Map of the Marks download

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Sunday Pursuit

Oak Bay Marina

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