• Turku.ai March Meetup

    Turku University of Applied Sciences

    Welcome to the second meetup of the decade!
    The meetup will be organized in the Omega auditorium at the ICT-City building.

    This time we're teaming up with TurkuTechWeek which is organized during the same week. Check the rest of their program here: https://techturkuweek.turkubusinessregion.com/techturku-week-ohjelma/

    We will start with welcome words by Teija Raninen from Turku Science Park: What happens in the experience industry? What kind of technological possibilities do we have in our region?

    The first talk will be by Jan Borgelin from Empirica: What is available today and how reliable is the technology?

    The second talk will this time be both the second and the third! We'll have Jukka Kantanen from Berggren give us a brief on the ethics of deepfakes, and Joni Juvonen & Mikko Tukiainen from Silo.AI tell us about detecting deepfakes.

  • Turku.AI February event


    The Turku.AI February meetup is hosted by TurkuNLP at the University of Turku and is rather naturally NLP themed. The place is Agora and the time 18:00 on Wednesday the 19.2. We have two great speakers:

    Dr. Sofie Van Landeghem
    Explosion AI

    Building customizable NLP pipelines with spaCy
    spaCy is an industrial-strength Natural Language Processing library which allows you to quickly build performant pipelines to tackle specific NLP challenges. It comes with pretrained Machine Learning models for 10 languages and has basic support for over 50 languages. In this talk, Sofie will showcase the usage of spaCy as well as give a peak preview on the upcoming spaCy v.3 which will give the user full control over the model internals via configuration files.

    Sofie van Landeghem is a renowned NLP expert who is also working on developing the widely used SpaCy library. She is visiting TurkuNLP at the time and we are happy to have the chance to welcome her to Turku.AI as well.

    Assoc. Prof. Sampo Pyysalo
    University of Turku

    Deep transfer learning for Finnish NLP

    Recently, transfer learning methods based on Google's transformer neural network architecture have notably advanced the state of the art in a range of natural language processing tasks. The Turku NLP group recently introduced FinBERT, a version of the transformer-based BERT model trained from scratch for Finnish. This talk introduces the process used to create FinBERT, presents advances using the model on a range of tasks including named entity recognition and syntactic analysis, and discusses future steps in deep learning for Finnish NLP.

    Sampo Pyysalo has a long track record in language and speech technology. After working in Paris, Tokyo and Cambridge among others, Sampo has returned Turku as a fresh professor. He is one of the main characters behind FinBERT.

  • Turku.AI December meetup


    Hi, everyone! It's time for the Turku.AI December meetup. This time our theme is transportation and logistics. The general meetup structure is following the tried and true formula: 2 speakers, pizza and awesome people.

    The time and date: 11.12. at 18:00 and the place is SparkUp.

    Our first speaker Petri Kalske hails from Unikie and will be talking about autonomous cars.

    The second speaker is Fahimeh Farahnakian from UTU, who's talk is on object detection using a CNN in a maritime environment.

    Turku Science Park is now sponsoring the events as part of an EU project and therefore we added a couple of questions to the registration. Please fill those, as they are required by the EU funding.

  • Turku.AI October meetup


    Hi guys!
    Long time no see, but now is time to get back on track with Turku.AI meetups! In the October meetup the theme is AI in medical context. The general meetup structure is following the tried and true formula: 2 speakers, pizza and awesome people.

    The first speaker is Antti Karlsson from Auria Biobank, who is to going to speak about using NLP in understanding patient records.

    The second speaker is Farrokh Mehryary from TurkuNLP, who is going to talk about Attentions/Transformers in Deep Neural Networks for NLP.

    Turku Science Park is now sponsoring the events as part of an EU project and therefore we added a couple of questions to the registration. Please fill those, as they are required by the EU funding.

  • Turku.ai April Meetup


    Welcome to the first meetup of the year!

    Hosted by Vincit, we will again have two speakers, Eija-Leena Koponen from Someturva and Johanna Hautala from the University of Turku.

    The title of Eija-Leena's talk is going to be Enabling Access to Justice Through AI.

    Johanna's talk is titled Knowledge Societies Enter the Era of AI.

    I hope to see everyone next week!

  • Turku.AI December meetup

    Department of Future Technologies, Agora building, 4th floor, University hill

    It is time for an early Christmas present, namely the December Turku.AI meetup on the 19.12. This time we are hosted by TurkuNLP at the University of Turku, starting at 18:00 in the Agora building, 4th floor.


    Speaker #1: Prof. Barbara Plank, IT University in Copenhagen

    "Multi-task learning in Natural Language Processing"

    Despite recent success in Natural Language Processing, our models still dreadfully lack the ability to generalize to conditions that are different from the ones encountered during training. Such adverse conditions include learning for noisy domains up to the extreme case of adaptation: new languages. Recent work on transfer learning offers great promise to remedy the problem, particularly Multi-Task Learning (MTL). In this talk I will provide an overview of MTL and text and beyond.

    Barbara is one of the leading deep learning experts in natural language processing.


    Speaker #2: Dr. Esa Alhoniemi, Vincit

    "AI - A silver bullet?"

    Is AI a must, an opportunity, or a threat? Aspects of application of AI in some businesses based on experiences of a data scientist.

    Esa is a data-oriented problem solver that has seen a lot, but still willing to learn more. He has a long experience in analytics, machine learning, and statistics in both business and academia

  • Turku.ai November Meetup

    Vaadin office, Old Mill

    The reports of our death are greatly exaggerated. No, we didn't stop organizing the Turku.ai meetup. Thanks a lot for all the concerned messages, it's great to hear people care about us :)

    Welcome to our November meetup! Hosted by Vaadin at Old Mill, this time we will again have two amazing talks:

    First speaker: Oguzhan Gencoglu, Head of Data Science at Top Data Science: AI for Prostate Cancer Detection

    Second speaker: Fredrik Rönnlund, Chief Growth Officer at Valohai: Deep Learning Challenges

    See you there!

  • Turku.AI October meetup

    Needs a location

    It's time for the October meetup! The winter is coming, so let's huddle together with all the cool people (it's not too cold yet, so nothing wrong with coolness). The next meetup will be on the 23.10. at 18:00. The venue is in Electrocity at SparkUp. There will be two interesting talks.

    Our first speaker is Harri Pietilä, the Chief Data Scientist at Ericsson with the topic
    ”Security AI: The Cost of Metrics”

    Our second speaker is Lari Vähäsalo is a PhD in wood and paper technology who will give a short introduction to the capabilities of multivariate analysis of process data and in its use as a data mining
    "Multivariate analysis of papermaking process data"

  • Turku.AI September meetup

    Needs a location

    It's time to leave the summer pastures and head for the first Turku.AI meetup! The first meetup of the autumn is hosted by Turku Science. The date is 7.9. and the time is 18:00. The venue is at Potkuri, ICT-City, Joukahaisenkatu 3.

    Our first speaker is Alexander Jung, who is an assistant professor of computer science at Aalto University.
    Topic: Semi-supevised learning for network -structured data

    Our second speaker is Kai Hakala, who is a PhD candidate from the University of Turku.
    Topic: Generative Adversarial Networks for Text

  • Turku.AI June meetup

    Needs a location

    Hi guys! The June meetup is just around the corner! We are switching to using Eventbrite for registration, so get the ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/turkuai-june-meetup-tickets-46484094177

    The June meetup of Turku.AI is hosted by the University of Turku on Tuesday the 5.6. It is organized in conjunction with The Annual Symposium of Computer Science in Finland. This time we start a bit earlier, at 4:30pm, right after the day ends at the symposium. The venue is at the Agora building of the University of Turku, on the 4th floor. We will have two talks from expert speakers.

    Timo Knuutila: “Deep Learning: Why
    does it work?”

    Mats Sjöberg: "Computer vision: teaching computers to see"