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What we’re about

OM Byron+ QLD is a community of people moved by a deeper desire to connect, live at our full potential and create lives that are guided by desire that inspire our selves and others. <br>



We run fun, interactive social events where we play communication games that encourage connection, play and vulnerability among participants. We also run events about Orgasmic Meditation [OM].


OM, the signature practice that we teach is a partnered consciousness practice and is an experience of “being in the zone”, as consuming as any extreme sport or start up venture! At their core, we believe orgasm and flow states are very close to the same thing. They are both an awakening and ignition of the involuntary in the body - an absorption in the present moment so complete that the mind comes to rest and something else, something intuitive, can take over. <br> <br>No gadgets needed, no supplements, and nothing extra. <br> <br>OM is a practice embracing and utilizing the sexual energy we all possess. We teach people how to acknowledge the energy flowing through us, and then channel it into all areas of their lives. The result is their sex life improves, food tastes better, their connection to themselves and others deepen. Being "TURNED ON" means feeling the electricity of being alive.

OM is a fifteen minute practice that cultivates more sensation in the body, greater turn on, and deeper connection.

To watch a You Tube Clip on the Practice on Deepak Chopra TV click here:

Article in Elle Magazine here:

For the guys: <br>

An article from Men's health: <br>



Fun, interactive social events that are an introduction to the philosophy and tenets of OM. We create communication games and fun interactive experiences, outside of the practice of OM so that you can feel the feeling of "Turn ON", that we are speaking about before you have tried the practice. We teach skills for communication that help to foster deep, meaningful connections with others through learning what it means to be turned ON and speaking from there.

The feeling of 'turn on' that we speak about is a visceral feeling that lays dormant in our systems, always, waiting to be activated and utilised for something meaningful in our lives. We have thought that this word only describes a feeling that we feel in sexual arousal, but it's actually when the body shows signs of feeling alive, activated, and yes! commonly for many people this is felt most when making out! We have found ways to foster and harness this feeling so that you can experience it in your conversations with others, in your work day and at home with your families. This sensation once accessed is one that you can then take into all of your interactions and experiences, to create a life that feels invigorating to be in and inspiring for others to live in connection with. <br>

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Contact Prem Kalpa for any questions, or just for a chat! <br>

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