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This group is for people interested in having open, intimate and fun discussions of sexuality, intimacy and human connection.

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OneTaste (www.onetaste.us) teaches the practice of Orgasmic Meditation (OM). OM is a 15-minute partnered practice based on the feminine orgasm, which can help a person feel more connection and intimacy with other people, and become more connected to your own body, emotions and sexuality. It is both a sexual practice, and a meditation practice. It's been called "yoga for your orgasm"!

In this meetup group, we will hold two types of meetings. We will hold talks about OM, with people talking about the changes that the practice has made to their lives.

We will also hold TurnOns. A TurnOn is an hour-long meeting where we play three communication games, designed to allow people to be more comfortable with who they really are, and show the thoughts and feelings that they usually keep hidden. Nobody will perform the practice of OM at these meetings - everyone will keep their clothes on!

At all these events, there will be a chance to hear about the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, ask questions, and find out about opportunities to learn the practice (in a class or privately) and find partners who wish to perform the practice with you.

More information about OM can be found in this video:


You can watch a TurnOn in progress here:


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