"Introduction to OM" Lecture and a live demo. Followed by an optional OM Lab.

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The "Introduction to OM" class is an information and experience filled lecture and demonstration of Orgasmic Meditation (OM). By the end of the class you will have a basic understanding of Orgasmic Meditation and what it means to have an OM practice. You will know what the practice looks like and the technique. We will teach you the etiquette, communication protocol, and ergonomics of OM. You will see a demonstration of Orgasmic Meditation in the class. After the course is over, there is an optional , hands-on lab where you can stay and learn the practice of OM with a partner. You do not have to come with a partner. We do not supply partners but you can meet people during the day on the same path whom you can ask to OM in the optional lab after the class.

Once you have completed this course you can participate in the OM community events world wide and locally.

COST TO ATTEND IS $149/person