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Even though studies show that students with a disability have average or above average intelligence, and are capable of high performance in regular education, a significant number of academically proficient students with a disability are not being served appropriately in our public school system. Their gifts and talents are often ignored. Children with behavioral challenges stemming from ADHD, autism, Asperger’s and other factors, are being excluded from regular education classrooms, and placed in the most restrictive special education (SPED) environments.

Special education is a device for keeping marginalized groups at the bottom of the societal strata, by filtering especially African American boys with behavioral challenges from regular education and resegregating them in SPED, thus, reinforcing the PreK to prison pipeline.

It is the aim of this group to inform/support parents and students in PreK- 16, through the process of navigating the school and community systems to utilize available services, and ensure the implementations of IEPs and students' documented evidence.

This group also aims to present PreK- 12 engaging activities, college application processes workshops/support, and options for funding a college education.

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