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Let's Prosperity Toss... enjoy Hotpot & Mahjong for Lunar New Year of the Dog!
This event replaces February’s Monthly Meet and Eat on the last Friday of the month. Lunar (Chinese) New Year, the Year of Dog started on Fri, Feb 16 2018 and is celebrated for 15 consecutive days! This is your chance to warm up your luck for the New Year with a Hotpot (火鍋) and boost your prosperity with a Prosperity Toss (Yúshēng (鱼生)) ! A. Prosperity Toss ((鱼生) Yúshēng): from 9p-10p Prosperity Toss - (read “Ingredients and their symbolism”) How to Eat Chinese Yusheng (Lohei) in English - Grandfather Story on How to Lo Hei in Chinese- Marriot’s Lo Hei (Prosperity Toss) Tutorial – Prosperity Toss with Salmon Recipe - 18 CNY greetings - Learn to say lucky phrases - (鱼生) Yúshēng's homophonic meaning is surplus (money), prosperity, good luck and vigor. The celebration itself is fun-filled and very bonding as everybody gets in on it! Everyone gather around the table each holding a pair of chopsticks. In the most joyous mood, everyone takes turn to offer their auspicious greetings (refer to Yusheng in Wikipedia read “Ingredients and their symbolism for greetings associated with ingredients) while adding on their own colorful ingredients. Then in unity, everyone use your own chopsticks to toss the yummy salad as high as possible while calling out louding "HUAT AH! meaning to PROSPER an dcontinue using all your newly acquire lucky phrases/greetings during the ToSS! The higher you toss, the more your good fortune will soar to new heights! We get to play with food and eat it by learning a Lunar New Year tradition, enjoy the good camaraderie and toss for your own good prosperity for the Year of the Dog! Again, remember to ChOOSE, PREPARE and BRING YOUR READY-CUT INGREDIENTs (shredded as thin and long as possible to signify longevity) OR CONDIMENT and REMEMBER YOUR ASSOCIATED CHINESE (see above link to say the lucky phrases/greeting) for your Prosperity Toss when you come! ;) B. Hot pot (or East Asian Steamboat) from 6p - 8p Hotpot is a simmering pot of soup broth at the dining table where ingredients are placed into the pot, cooked the way you like and usually eaten with a dipping sauce. Typical hot pot dishes include thinly sliced meat, seafood, variety of meatballs, dumplings, wonton, mushrooms, tofu, vegetables etc. I will have 3 different broths ready – Original, Hot and Spicy Tomyum and Vegetarian. Since it’s the Lunar New Year, I’LL TREAT EVERYONE TO THE HOTPOT which will be from 6p-8p! You can learn to play Mahjong while we clear the table and prepare the setting for our Prosperity Toss! Hotpot - Sichuan Hotpot Recipe - Chinese Hotpot Recipe - Please RSVP by Thursday, Feb 22 midnight stating what ingredient/greetings you are planning for the Prosperity Toss. I need a better headcount to get food prep ready! See y'all soon! HUAT AH!!! Warmest Regards, Audrey P/S: If you don't have time to prepare or buy but want to join in, please alert the event hosts and pay $10 when you check in, thanks! If you need to reach me, please text/vm my google cell: 612-460-8868. However, if the event has started, it's easier to call. Interesting Links: Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog - Chinese Horoscope for Year of the Earth Dog 2018 - Joey Yap Thriver’s Guide for 2018 -'s_Guide_2018.pdf

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