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Minnesota can be a great place to enjoy the great outdoors at all times of the year! And when the weather is bad, we can do a few things indoors too. What better way to meet people with similar interests than to get out and enjoy all this state has to offer through sports, recreation and adventure. This will be an all seasons group and hopefully there will be something for everyone. Empahsis will be on outdoor activities, but we will do some indoor too. Some of our activities for the winter months will include ice skating, snow shoeing, snow tubing, downhill and cross country skiing. In the summer months activities will include biking, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and camping to name a few. All skill levels are Welcome as well as any ideas or activities you may have the group. Join us, you won't regret it!

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*LIONS PARK* **3PM** Ultimate Frisbee

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This event is listed on multiple sites, and we almost always have enough to play. Don't worry if there are only a few attending here. Unless the event description says it is canceled, we will be playing. We play at one of two fields. Our preference is Lions Park, 151 Louisiana Ava N, Golden Valley if there are softball leagues playing at Lions we will instead play at Fern Hill Park, 2800 Joppa Ave s. St. Louis Park We will by default be at Lions, but the first ones at Lions will update if we have to revert to Fern Hill instead. ................................ Each week, please bring a white and a dark shirt ............................... Ultimate frisbee is a game of sportsmanship and great for any level of player. There can be a lot of running so please be sure to bring water for yourself. If you have never played before don't be concerned about joining us. We play for fun and people with all levels of skills can participate. As the weather gets warmer, we get close to 50 people, so please be there by[masked]PM. It takes 15 minutes to set up the fields and the games, so we like to do it once in the beginning. It becomes hard to shuffle teams for new players once the games have started.

Intermediate Sand Volleyball

Central Park Roseville

This event is more for those that have volleyball experience and are familiar with the rules and regulations. Please make sure you know how to bump, set, spike..3 hits! I will be asking ppl to go to our Friday night event if we see/feel you are not at the proper level. In order to improve skill and overall play on Sunday there are a few changes. We will primarily be playing 4's with the possibility of 3's or 5's (NO 6's). There will be a high emphasis on 3 hits/side, no carrying, no reach overs (Clarification on reach overs ... the ball has to be touching the plane of the net for you to touch the ball you can't jump and touch a ball on the other teams side). As the summer goes on the rules will be more enforced. The idea is not only to have fun but also increase your level of play. The idea of Sunday play was to have a more competitive atmosphere while still having fun. If you aren't competitive I recommend Tuesdays in Maple Grove, Wednesdays at Spooner Park, or Fridays here at Central Park.

Wallyball at the White Bear Lake Sports Center

White Bear Lake Sports Center

Welcome to Wednesday Wallyball at the White Bear Lake Sports Center (https://maps.google.com/maps?q=1328%20Highway%2096%20E%2C%20Saint%20Paul%2C%20MN)r! Cost is $2-3 / player Wallyball is just like volleyball except we play inside a racquetball court. If you have never played before, that's OK - we love to teach new people and welcome all skill levels!!! This Wallyball meet-up is limited to the 23 individuals who sign up on Meetup to play wallyball. Alternate players who show up will only be allowed to fill-in up to a maximum of 23 players. Alternates in excess of the 23 players limit will not be able to play. Non-players are welcome to watch and go out with the group after Wallyball at 8:30 PM. We also head out for a bite to eat afterward to further our fun and to get to know each other. Location: Carbone's Pizzeria 1350 Hwy 96 E, White Bear Lake, MN 55110 (651)[masked] 9 - 1030 PM Double up for a buck, $2 off selected appetizers http://places.singleplatform.com/carbones-pizzeria-27/menu?ref=google

Friday Sand Volleyball

Central Park

This is our All skill level night. Everyone is welcome. Bump, set, spike - Sand Volleyball back! More diving, more dirt and best of all more sun. Now that the weather is nice, It the start of another volleyball season!! All skill levels are welcome. Even if you haven't played for years, come out and get some sun and get your heart rate up. Unlike the wallyball event, the courts are free and a little closer to Minneapolis. There are up to four sand courts and two or three grass courts, so no need to limit the number of players. This will be a recurring event on Fridays at 6:00, but many show up as early as 5:00. Many of our players are regulars so it's very easy to really get to know new friends. We will head to Grumpy's afterwards for drinks, food, and socializing. It's located just north of County Road C on Snelling.

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WallyBall at WBL Sports Center

White Bear Lake Sports Center

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