What we're about

This group is a dinner party focused on having conversations about different viewpoints.

Each week we will get together and have dinner, and try to accept the gift of learning from each other's viewpoints. The goal is not to 'convert' but rather understand, learn and grow.

I'm new to meetup.com group leadership so if I neglect to get back to you or check on this page for a few days, but my hope is to respond to everybody. We also have a facebook page where we post the dinners:

fb.me/difficultdinner Over time we play to post things on meetup but we are super new to this site and are more comfortable on facebook.

We are looking to have our next supper on the 17th.

We had our first dinner last week. We learned a lot :) Everybody was super open-minded. We seem to attract more liberal mindsets to the group (at least the first dinner). Not sure how to create the diversity we desire. All are welcome, but our table can only seat 8. The plan is to get a core group of people who are willing to do this at their home which each home doing it once a month.

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