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For us, an ecovillage means people living together in a village-like setting, living lightly on the planet, with a commitment to eco-friendly principles. We are working to build an ecovillage about an hour or so from the Twin Cities.

In short, the vision is to reclaim our time, restore our earth, and reintegrate ourselves.

A core group exists. We are looking to host events aimed at adding more members, educating ourselves through collaborative learning, and embodying community through inclusivity. Learn more: https://tcecovillage.org/

Join this meetup if you are interested in our project and simply wish to explore the idea of an ecovillage, or if you're more seriously interested in playing your part in evolving consciousness in soul and society. Either way we'd love to have you.

Upcoming events (4)

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Trip & Workshop

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage

Spend a long weekend with us at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Rutledge, MO and gather ideas, concepts, and skills for living lightly. This unique workshop program blends the “eco” with the “village” of community life. You’ll have hands-on opportunities with natural building, low-carbon gardens and kitchens, alternative energy systems, and organic resource recycling. You’ll also interact with alternative economic systems, skills for human connection and cooperation, and creative fun – all part of life at Dancing Rabbit! And, most importantly, the course will guide you to take what you’ve learned and create an action plan for bringing it home with you and other members of Twin Cities Ecovillage. Just some of what you’ll experience during the Weekend: • tour of Dancing Rabbit • natural and energy-efficient building • food systems: growing, cooking, and preserving local food • recycling resources: compost, humanure, and greywater • alternative energy: solar, wind, and human power • economics: cooperatives and Dancing Rabbit’s alternative currency system • communication and conflict resolution for cooperative culture • cooperative decision-making • opportunities for physical and spiritual practices • simple, creative fun! Special $50 discount for Twin Cities Ecovillage Members. Registration cost $297. The all-inclusive fee covers: workshop instruction, materials, meals, camping platform (bring your own gear), showers, bathrooms, WiFi, and community building access. Indoor accommodations are available at an extra cost. We will be carpooling together. RSVP for free and we will share registration information. https://forms.gle/AYe9qgBqrbKZo3uc8

Picnic Plus: Dance Church at Tapestry!

Tapestry Folkdance Center

Join us for a Memorial Day Dance Party and Picnic! Dance Church at Tapestry Folkdance Center: May 26th, 11am - 1pm http://tapestryfolkdance.org/tapestry-rental-partners/dancechurch/ $5 suggested donation for adults; kids free (please don’t let money keep you from attending) A few church-etiquette reminders: ~ Bring a yoga mat if you like — there’s room to stretch ~ The main space is intended for dancing, meditating, and vocalizing. ~ Come to dance! Potluck 1:00 - 2:30 pm Relaxed gathering time to enjoy each others company and great food. (Please bring a dish to share that feeds 8-10 people. If that's inconvenient, come anyway, the community will support you!) Mark your calendars. Potluck Plus will be held the last Sunday of each month typically at 1pm. Eat, chat and engage in a fun activity like movie watching, sledding, board games, hikes etc.

Design an Intentional Community, with Walden Two - plus free audiobook!

Prospect Park United Methodist

Meet at 6pm for a community potluck dinner and conversation. About 6:45pm or so we'll do round-robin introductions and set the context of Twin Cities Ecovillage building an intentional community. https://tcecovillage.org/ 7pm or so will begin a discussion of "intentional community design principles", guided by ideas in the book Walden Two, by B.F. Skinner in 1948. The novel depicts a rural community of about 1,000 having private living quarters combined with shared amenities (such as dining rooms, recreational areas, and entertainment), egalitarian economic relationships, a creative form of money, non-authoritarian management, and ecologically sustainable practices. After reading or listening to Walden Two, or instead of it, read the Walden Two Revisited essay by B. F. Skinner reflecting on the novel 28 years later. The full 10 pages are available at: http://scholaclasses.org/atrium/sites/default/files/2017-08/WALDEN%20TWO%20REVISITED.pdf FREE AUDIOBOOK OFFER! Clyde has purchased Walden Two on audible.com, and can send you a free copy! That is, if you have not yet received a free Audible book from a friend. And you won't even need a credit card to accept it. After accepting, you can download a mobile app or use your computer to listen to Walden Two (9 hours 25 minutes) for free! Just message Clyde with your email so I can send you the link. https://www.meetup.com/Twin-Cities-Ecovillage-Project/members/10721196/profile/

Tour Main Street Project's poultry-centered regenerative agroforestry

Main Street Farm, Northfield MN

We'll meet to carpool to a two-hour tour of the Main Street Farm outside Northfield, MN. From https://mainstreetproject.org/: "Main Street Project is developing a new agriculture system to meet some of our most profound challenges: delivering healthy, wholesome food, reducing chemical- and antibiotic-intensive farming, reversing environmental damage, and building rural prosperity. Our strategy is focused on changing the current conventional system by deploying an alternative, small-scale system that is accessible, productive and economically viable. Our agriculture model and training will help equip the next generation of farmers to solve our nation’s food crisis." https://mainstreetproject.org/join-us-for-our-summer-farm-tours/

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Community Gathering and Introduction

Powderhorn Recreation Center

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