What we're about

Do you enjoy fun conversation and friendly debate with people face-to-face? Do you like meeting interesting people such as authors, public speakers, scientists, local politicians, and historians? Do you want to meet other people from the Twin Cities with similar and different cultural, political, and religious backgrounds and beliefs? Can you have your own beliefs and opinions challenged in friendly debate and challenge those of others in a polite and respectful manner? Can you do all this while eating good food and drinking good beer and wine? Maybe this group is for you!

We started Twin Cities Free Thought Exchange to be an antithesis to the vitriol too often seen on social media platforms. Could we create a group where people pool their resources to bring engaging speakers to their homes and host a "salon" style event in which attendees can converse with the guest speaker(s) and each other in a setting that promotes meeting new people and lively exchanges on topics ranging from politics and religion to ethics and science all while leaving the evening with a mutual respect for the other attendees and speaker(s), even if their opinions, backgrounds, and beliefs differed from ours?

The four founders of this organization are atheists, but this group is not exclusively for atheists. We plan to invite people of all beliefs. One night we may host an atheist scientist; the next a Muslim author.

Except for the most extreme, hateful groups (literal Nazis, for example) we will do our best to keep our speakers and attendees diverse and fresh! We want people from all walks of life attending!

Our hope is that at the end of each event the attendees feel like their mind has been expanded by talking to people of differing backgrounds and viewpoints. Maybe your positions moved slightly? Maybe you moved someone else's position slightly? In either case, everyone should leave feeling a mutual respect and perhaps discovering some new common ground with the other attendees.

Upcoming events (2)

Local politics with Matt Little

16740 Fieldcrest Ave

Former Minnesota State Senator and mayor of Lakeville, attorney Matt Little will be joining us for an evening of sharing his perspective and stories of being a MN politician!

This event will be held outdoors and we'll be grilling! Hamburgers and hot dogs will be served along with potato chips and a veggie tray. If you have any special dietary needs please let us know!

Please bring your own pop, beer, wine, etc. to drink.

As always, we expect fun conversation and even some lively debates but keep everything respectful! Hopefully we can all learn something, hear some new perspectives, and make new friends!

Please consider making a donation to be used 100% for travel expenses, honorariums, and speaking fees of future guests -- but donations are NOT required!

Seth Andrews visit

Mike Sasse’s home

Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist podcast (https://www.thethinkingatheist.com/) will be joining us for an evening of conversation! Smoked pork, tortilla chips, and salsa will be served and everyone is free to bring their own food and drink!

As alcohol will be served please keep this event adults only as we want everyone to have a chance to talk with Seth face to face AND, even more importantly, meet fellow group members! Fun, respectful conversation and debate is encouraged!

Please consider donating $20/person if you can to help cover costs.

Past events (1)

Conversations with Karen Shragg

Bill Lehto’s home

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