What we're about

We are a diverse group of readers who meet monthly to share our observations, insights and sometimes personal lessons, that we find in the Great Books that still change the world.

We also organize Guthrie Theater groups to enjoy together at 1/2 price great plays and musicals and the world-renowned Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN. Explore our upcoming events at our MeetUp pages for 7 Guthrie Groups scheduled for the 2019-2020 Guthrie Season for which you can RSVP now and secure your 1/2 price group tickets.

Here is a printable promotional poster listing our 7 Guthrie Groups scheduled for the 2019-2020 Guthrie Season http://charitieschallenge.org/19.8.16_Guthrie_Ticket_Discount_Prices_for_SS_-_QC.pdf

And visit our sponsor's web page describing more Great Books related programming including "Memory Training" and more happy-healthy pursuits http://charitieschallenge.org/html/run_-_read_great_books_discussion_groups.html

We regularly use the Great Books Foundation's assorted anthologies and collections to allow us to make easy and quick reference to whichever text we're discussing.

Great Books offer insights into human experience and common challenges to living a good life well, and offer happiness and hope for today and into the future.

It's always a good time to read the greatest books, stories and essays, of all times; and better times are enjoyed when discussing Great Books with happy, hopeful fellow readers. Join us soon.

Our text for 2019-2020 is _Double Features: Big Ideas in Film_ "examines our understanding of movies and the effect they have on our wider culture. The twenty-three selections in this innovative new anthology explore different aspects of film and filmmaking, from the perspective of artists and creators, directors and producers, and audiences and critics."


Or, since we will in the future continue reading/discussing them, purchase all three texts in the series "BIG IDEAS IN POPULAR CULTURE BOXED SET", including:

Double Features: Big Ideas in Film

Tube Talk: Big Ideas in Television

Sound Bites: Big Ideas in Popular Music


Find our text and online ordering option via The Great Books Foundation here http://store.greatbooks.org/adu-sfb.html

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