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As Rebel Wisdom states… When our existing ways of thinking break down, it’s the rebels and the renegades, those who think differently, who need to reboot the system.

This meet-up is for those of us who feel that there is a middle way, a different way, a way forward out of the chaos swirling around us and out of the current mainstream narratives that have hijacked our collective consciousness. It is neither right nor left. It is not ideological in it’s intent.

This way consists in learning sense-making skills, understanding nuance, cultivating self awareness & empathy, questioning the “truths” laid before us, bursting the bubble of our understanding and preconceived biases, understanding the connectedness underlying seemingly separate & isolated systems, sharpening our discernment skills, coming face to face with our own filters thru which we each view the world, the art of listening and being a present witness to those of opposite viewpoints, and daring to be on the leading edge of thought, ideas, and experience.

We are the system busters and the way-showers working together to dream - create - build new modes of thinking, approach & tools with which we can use to form new operating systems, allowing for more sovereignty, freedom and honesty. New ways to navigate more peacefully, efficiently, expediently, humanely, compassionately, and authentically in this world both as individuals and as a society.

Also, we must find ways to laugh, often, and with abandon. :)


Joe Rogan. Eric & Bret Weinstein. Daniel Schmachtenburger. John Vervaeke. Jordan Peterson. Dave Rubin. Lex Fridman. Buckminster Fuller.

Complex Systems Theory. Philosophy. Economics. Psychedelics. Physics. Politics, Articles of Unity movement. Universal Basic Income. Culture. Biology. Consciousness.

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Social Hour - Joe Rogan

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Social Hour - Joe Rogan

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Jordan Peterson: Personality Series - Introduction

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